VISA Credit Card

Play using VISA credit card across online poker sites and enjoy depositing and withdrawing with a method that provides seamless security and is easy to use.

Using VISA for deposit

When playing across the many online poker sites, players are showered with choices. They get to choose the game variant they want to play, they get to choose the bonuses that appeal to them and they get to choose the payment method to fund their account and withdraw their winnings with. 

And while there are so many payment methods out there, to suit any player’s needs, many poker players decide to stick with the one they are using for their everyday purchases and payments: the credit card. And what better credit card to use than VISA credit card? This is one of the most popular credit cards used worldwide, that’s true. But what makes VISA credit card a good choice across online poker sites? 

VISA credit card…

… offers online poker players things that are rarely provided by other payment methods. To start with, its reputation is spotless. The credit card exists for over six decades, so it is no wonder it has found its way into the online gambling industry, as well. Two, it offers unrivalled security. When you’re playing with VISA credit card, you are certain, convinced that your funds are safe at any time. 

The method implements the highest security measures to prevent fraud and other criminal activities, so no one but you can access the funds you have on your card. And three, of course, it is super easy to use and available across so many online poker sites and any other online site you can think of.

The three benefits…

… that were just described the only scratch the surface of all the things this solution can offer to users. The company behind it may have started small in the US, as part of the credit card program at Bank of America, in 1958, but managed to become a multinational corporation with billions of users throughout the years. It even had its name changed from BankAmeriCard to IBANCO to the name it has today, and still, it managed to keep its user base and continue growing to this day.

Even though only created as a mean to replace cash-only payments, today, it is the number one largest electronic payment network. All banks, anywhere in the world, are authorized to allow users to apply for the card, but the card still needs to be approved by VISA. That’s the main reason why VISA holds half of the credit card market shares in the US, where it is actually based.

On that note…

… cardholders can benefit from the ease of access the solution provides them with. Virtually all online businesses offer it as a payment method, online casinos, sportsbetting and poker sites included. If you’re a poker fan looking for a site to join and play using VISA credit card, you are in for a treat. So many sites out there accept it as a payment solution, so all you need to do is choose the one that suits you most!

Getting a VISA Credit Card

Just like with any credit card, to apply for a VISA credit card, you must meet the necessary requirements and provide your bank with the required documents. Once you go through that process, either online or offline, you need to set your application. VISA collaborates with almost any bank in the world, so once you submit the application to your bank, it will be sent to VISA to approve it.

As soon as your application is approved, you will be informed by your bank and you will be contacted by the clerks to go to the bank and get your PIN code and your physical card. VISA, though, has added one more layer of protection, previously known as Verified by VISA but now as the 3-D Secure protocol. 

To further protect your funds

…from frauds, identity theft or lost PIN codes, the company needs to ensure that you own the card, that the card is valid and that you have enough money on your account to make the transaction you requested. It manages to achieve that with the 3-D Secure tool. 

Finally, as you start making your transactions, online or offline, at stores or poker sites, at ATMs or anywhere else, you will get an account statement informing you on where you sent money to or who you received money from. 


Depositing and Withdrawing with VISA Credit Card

As mentioned, you won't have any problem finding an online poker site to join that accepts VISA credit card as a payment method. So, the first thing you need to do is choose the one that offers things you look for and join it.

On registration, you will be asked to choose a deposit method. This is when, from the list of offered payment methods, you should choose VISA credit card.

To make your first deposit…

… click on the VISA credit card’s icon. A new window will appear on the screen, where you’ll need to enter the amount of money you wish to deposit on your balance, the card number and the PIN code, or the other 3-D Secure number to verify your identity. Once you confirm the transaction, your deposit will immediately be processed.

To cash out your winnings…

… repeat the process. Enter the money you wish to withdraw and repeat the same steps. This time, though, the poker site would need to check whether you’ve used some of the No Deposit bonuses or any other bonuses available. These bonuses usually come with wagering requirements, so the site must ensure that you’ve met those requirements prior to request for a withdrawal. So, in 24 hours to several business days, the money will reach your account. 

Keep in mind…

… one thing, though. If you’re a UK player, even though you can get access to your favourite poker rooms, you cannot use VISA credit card as your payment method. The UK implemented a credit card gambling ban that applies to all sorts of gambling, poker included. The ban was in the making for a year before it came into effect in April 2020. 

With it, all sort of gambling with credit card is forbidden and punishable by law. Even gambling with alternative options like eWallets connected to credit cards is out of the question, so if you were hoping to go around the ban and do that, sadly, you won’t be able to. 

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of using VISA credit card are pretty obvious. Let’s start with the cons, so you’ll know what you’re dealing with right away. One evident downside to it is that it cannot be used by UK players for gambling purposes. Since online poker involved online gambling, if you’re a UK player, you won’t be able to play your favorite Texas Hold’em or Omaha poker variants as you would like to. 

Another obvious disadvantage

…is that, compared to other methods like eWallets, you won’t get the chance to receive your withdrawal promptly. Withdrawals with VISA credit card take some time, and that’s something that discourages the most avid players from using it for withdrawals. 

But, on the plus side, if you choose to play with this payment solution, you can sit back and relax knowing that your money is completely safe. Thanks to the security measures employed, this solution is one of the safest out there. And then, of course, there’s the fact that this solution is also very easy to use. 

You’ve probably already used it for online purchases, so the process of depositing and withdrawing across online poker sites would be exactly the same: familiar and convenient. And finally, the fact that it is a method that is available in most, if not all, online poker sites makes it even easier to access and use. 

Using VISA for deposit

When playing across the many online poker sites, players are showered with choices. They get to choose the game variant they want to play, they get to choose the bonuses that appeal to them and they get to choose the payment method to fund their account and withdraw their winnings with. 


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Can I make a deposit at an online poker site with a VISA credit card on my smartphone?

Sure. You would have to join such a site that is compatible with mobile devices, though. If the site is optimized for smartphones, you should experience no problem making your deposits and withdrawals with the credit card on it. 

Do all poker sites accept VISA credit card?

Not all poker sites accept VISA credit card, but most of them do. Crypto-only sites may not accept the credit card, but not by default. It all depends on the site after all, but most of them do accept it knowing that users would like to use it for their deposits and withdrawals. 

Are there any fees I need to pay for the card?

This depends on the agreement you made with your bank, hence the company. VISA offers a variety of card types you can apply for, for a different fee. 

Do deposit and withdrawal limits apply?

Normally, online poker sites do set limits as to how much you can deposit or withdraw, so if interested in knowing more about these limits, visit the casino’s Terms and Conditions or Banking page to get the proper information. 

Does VISA offer Customer Support?

Of course. There’s an entire Support Center page on its official website, where you’ll learn that you can contact the agents via email, Live Chat and phone. There’s a list of toll-free numbers you can call, regardless of where you’re calling from. 

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