MasterCard Credit Card

Using MasterCard credit card as their chosen deposit method, online poker players get to experience a safe, fast and highly secure online gambling time.

master-credit-card-cover-imageOnline poker players today have to make a lot of choices before they join a site that would suit all of their needs. First of all, they need to find a site that would provide them with the most popular poker variants to play. Then, they need to make sure this site offers bonuses so that they could boost their winnings. And finally, they need to choose a site that would give them the chance to play with their preferred online payment methods. 

Speaking of payment methods, while new ones appear all the time, there are several well-established and well-reputed solutions that are available across many, if not all, poker sites, such as MasterCard credit card. Why is MasterCard credit card one of the most popular payment methods across these sites?

MasterCard credit card…

… is an international payment solution used by billions of users. It has a long and rich history of payment processing services, and that’s why it has a great reputation in all kinds of industries, the online gambling industry included. 

Established back in 1966, as a membership organization, with over 25,000 financial institutions owning shares, MasterCard was created as a direct competitor to VISA, previously called BankAmeriCard. In the beginning, the company was called Master Charge and as such, it was created by Crocker National Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, United California Bank and the Bank of California. 

Since many financial institutions owned a share of it, the credit card product was issued by all of them. But today, as you may as well know, the company has grown so much and is cooperating with virtually all banks around the world as a payment processing service between banks of the merchant and the banks of the users. 

Rooted in the US

… with such a massive user base, MasterCard managed to expand all over the world, in over 180 countries. As such, it decided to rebrand a few years ago to MasterCard Worldwide, to stress the fact that it has worldwide coverage.

There are only a few financial institutions whose brand is known all across the globe, and MasterCard is definitely among the leaders. Considering it is used in literally all industries, you should not be surprised to find it across the online gambling industry, as an online payment method players believe in and trust with their money.

Finding an online poker site

… that offers it as a payment method would be as easy as 1, 2, 3. The solution is available in almost all poker sites, so you would have no difficulties finding one that suits you. Once you find a site to join, you’ll see that making transactions with MasterCard credit card would be extremely simple and straightforward. You must have already used credit cards to pay online with, therefore, depositing at online poker sites with this credit card would be familiar to you.

In fact…

… that’s one of the main reasons why players choose to use it in the first place. The familiarity, availability and ease of use are what makes it the perfect method for using it at these poker sites. But, the fact that it is a payment method that has been used across the internet way before any online poker site was ever launched and the fact that the credit card has a spotless reputation is why players prefer it over any other when playing across online poker sites.

Applying for a MasterCard Credit Card

If you've ever applied for any credit card, you know the procedure. You would have to go to your local bank and start the application process. But first, you would have to decide on the card variant you would like to have in your possession since MasterCard gives you several options.

Depending on your preferences…

… you can apply for the Standard, Gold, Platinum, World and World Elite MasterCard variant. As implied by their titles, these are cards suited individually for all travellers, businessmen and casual, everyday users, so choose the one that suits you and continue with the process.

Once you reach your bank, you would have to open an account with that bank, if you don’t already have one open. Once you do that, you’ll be given an application form to fill out. Submit your application and wait for the bank's approval. Should the bank approve your application, you will be given the choice to either receive your plastic credit card on your home address by mail or get your card in person by giving the bank another visit.


… of your choice, you would be able to claim your card in a week or two, along with a separate envelope containing the PIN code you would need to use when paying or purchasing goods, either online or offline. Meaning, you could start playing your favourite poker variant across any poker site that accepts MasterCard credit card right away!

Using MasterCard Across Online Poker Sites

We’ve established that finding an online poker site that offers MasterCard credit card as a payment method won’t be a difficult task. As soon as you find the one that suits you most, make sure you start the registration process.

Upon registration…

… you will probably be asked to confirm a deposit method you will use to place bets. If not, just create your account, and then go to the site’s Banking/Deposit page, and find MasterCard’s logo from the list of payment methods available. 

Click on the logo and you’ll see a form appearing on the screen which you need to fill with the necessary information. You will be asked to provide the amount of money you would like to transfer from your credit card to your poker site account, the card number consisting of 16 digits and the CCV2 code found on the back of your plastic credit card, for further verification. In case necessary, also enter your PIN code. Once you do all that, just confirm your transaction and you’ll instantly see the money on your balance. 

Making withdrawals

… with MasterCard credit card was an option way back, but sadly, it no longer is. Since 2005, when US citizens were forbidden withdrawing with a credit card with the UIGEA Act, so MasterCard Worldwide has restricted the online payment transactions from online gambling sites, and now the method is only available as a deposit method. 

Many avid poker players were disappointed by this, but MasterCard Worldwide is a serious financial company that takes regulation and restrictions seriously. Anyway, you could use the method for deposits and choose an alternative one for withdrawals, since there are so many other cost-effective, fast methods for withdrawals you can choose from. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

Playing with MasterCard credit card, you will get more benefits than drawbacks. For one, this is a well-reputed payment solution used by billions of people around the world, many of which are online poker players. Also, this is a payment method that has a seamless track record when it comes to security since it implements high-end encryption, and serious authentication and verification procedures.


… it is a solution that is available all over the world, in so many industries, so once you get the credit card, you can use it anywhere you want, for any kind of online or offline service. On that note, you should know that deposits with it are instant. The minute you provide your card details and the amount you wish to deposit, the money will be on your online poker site account. 

But what makes users choose this credit card over any other is the fact that it gives them the chance to get a cashback for their transactions. With every transaction, the company rewards users with a cashback bonus, which they can use as it pleases them later. 


… what makes online poker players doubt whether to choose it as their payment method or not is the fact that no withdrawals can be made with it. Players prefer playing with a method that can be used for both deposits and withdrawals, in hopes to fund their accounts and cash out their winnings faster and easier. 

The fees are another problem. For each transaction you make with the credit card, you would need to pay a fee. But you probably expected fees, considering all the benefits, especially the high security, the method can provide you with. 

master-credit-card-cover-imageOnline poker players today have to make a lot of choices before they join a site that would suit all of their needs. First of all, they need to find a site that would provide them with the most popular poker variants to play. Then, they need to make sure...

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If I already have an account and have registered a different deposit method, can I switch to MasterCard credit card?

Most online poker sites will give you the opportunity to change your payment method if you want to, but it depends on the site. Operators have different policies when it comes to payment methods, so you would have to consult with the Customer Support to get the right answer.

Can I play across mobile poker sites with MasterCard credit card?

Sure, why not? As long as the online poker site is optimized for mobile play, you can deposit and play on the go whenever you want, wherever you are. 

How big are the transaction fees?

Transaction fees depend on the bank. You should go to the bank that issued your credit card to get the right answer to this question, but the fees are not that high normally. 

Does MasterCard offer its own Customer Support?

Yes. Go to its official website and you will see all the ways you can contact the agents. But your first choice of action when you bump into a problem should be contacting the Support provided by the poker site. You could also contact your bank if you’re experiencing transaction problems. 

Can players from countries other than the US use it as a withdrawal method?

Unfortunately, no. No one can use the credit card for withdrawals, because the company has completely changed its policy and is now a deposit-only method when it comes to online gambling.


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