Smart TV Users to Benefit from New WPT Game

Jul 18, 2012
Smart TV Users to Benefit from New WPT Game
TransGaming Inc. in new developmental drive

An announcement of a new product in the pipeline came this week from the Canadian company TransGaming Inc., specialized in the multiplatform deployment of games. The product in question is an exclusive World Poker Tour game for Smart TV, whose worldwide launch is scheduled for fall.

It has been specified by the company that the game will be available on its on-demand Smart TV gaming platform, GameTree TV, where its potential for interactivity and social engagement in the connected living room will become obvious, especially thanks to its innovative features that include multi-screen support and multi-player gameplay, all of which bring a striking similarity to WPT TV program.

Furthermore, to make things even more authentic, the WPT game will also involve an exact replica of the famous World Poker Tour stage and original voiceovers from the show's on-air personalities, along with a range of customization capabilities.

According to Adam Pliska, president of World Poker Tour, "The World Poker Tour brand delivers an incredible poker experience. We trust TransGaming to bring that experience to the emerging Smart TV platform.

"When we saw the possibilities that GameTree TV offers, we felt strongly that World Poker Tour needed to be on it. It will be a true-to-life World Poker Tour experience that our fans will love."
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