Poker News roundup for the week

The battle between the Kentucky Courts and Amaya continues. Amaya have appealed the $870 million fine Kentucky are claiming for illegally allowing Kentucky residents to play on PokerStars between 2006 and 2011. Of course, Amaya didn't own PokerStars during that time and they are passing on the judgment to the former owners based on a clause in the contract relating to losses. This is going to be a long winded matter and all the time thie "argument" is going on, interest is accruing at 12 percent per annum - that's around 104 million a year in interest alone. Satellite tournament winners at Juicy Stakes Poker and Intertops Poker are heading off to the CAPT Seefeld in Austria. Chris Perkins, one of the winners, had the following ot say "For the past few days I have been feeling like I am going to do really well. The structure of this event is by far the best live tournament structure I have played with 50,000 starting stack and 60 minute blind levels. This structure favors my style so much. I really think this is going to be the tournament that is going to allow me more freedom with poker. I don't know why I am getting that feeling, but this just seems like my time." The satellite tourneys continue though with the final chance to be sent off to this amazing Ski resort so there's still time to qualify for as little as $2+20c. Five poker players got away with using poker bots at Svenska Spel after a Judge acquitted their original probationary sentence. More than half a million dollars was the amount they won off around 25,300 players using their bots although Svenska Spel froze their accounts. Four $1 million freerolls are to be held in 2016 at PokerStars. Eric Hollreiser, corporate communications at PokerStars said "We believe that these freerolls are further affirmation of our commitment to bring more excitement and recreational players to PokerStars, which is good for ALL players. Most importantly, these changes are a critical component of our broad-based initiative to improve our online poker ecosystem by attracting more new players, improving the environment for recreational players and instituting loyalty programs that serve the majority of players." The first of these freerolls is to take place at 13:04 ET on March 19th.
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