Poker news Round Up for the week

PokerStars have let four more of their PokerPros go. Jan Heitmann, Leo Margets and the De Meulder twins Matthias and Christophe have not had their contracts renewed. Five players were caught cheating at 3 card brag in the Grosvenor Victoria Casino.. Two were swapping cards, one was lookout and the other was the distraction. All Turkish, they were hauled up in front of Judge Charles Wide at the Old Bailey. Sentencing is held off until 9th February. It was believed they managed to "steal" £33,600/$47,900. Global Poker League have announced their teams and managers and on 18th February GPL will announce the order the 12 team managers will select their pros in the 3 rounds of drafts. Here are the Teams and managers list: Berlin Bears - Manager: Philipp Gruissem Hong Kong Stars- Manager: Celina Lin Las Vegas Moneymakers- Manager: Chris Moneymaker London Royals - Manager: Liv Boeree Los Angeles Sunset - Manager: Maria Ho Montreal Nationals - Manager: Marc-Andre Ladouceur Moscow Wolverines - Manager: Anataloy Filatov New York Rounders - Manager: Bryn Kenney Paris Aviators - Manager: Fabrice Soulier Rome Emperors - Manager: Max Pescatori San Francisco Rush - Manager: Faraz Jaka Sao Paulo Metropolitans - Manager: Andre Akkari Negreanu and Hellmuth have signed up to be analysts and Kara Scott is the host.
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