Play Money Spin and Go's at PokerStars

I've been playing the play money spin and go's on PokerStars for the last week. I must admit it's been a lot of fun although the buyins aren't cheap but the prizes are huge! The cheapest Spin and go on offer is 10,000 chips so if you wish to play in these games, you will need to win some play chips or even buy some play chips to be able to enter. I can honestly say that I would never purchase play chips that cost me real hard cash. $1.99 would buy you 350k play chips, the popular buy of 2 million chips will cost you $9.99 and 75 million chips will cost you $99.99! There are of course a few offers in between these prices. Back to the games! I've played loads of these games in the last week and the best win so far was a 100k whch I easily took down, finishing the game on a pair of Kings which held. My fastest game was 1 hand. I had pocket aces and the other players both had pocket pairs. My aces held and I won 40,000. So I just played a game and the pot was 20,000 (10k buyin). It's the 2nd hand and I'm SB with K4 suited. Nobody raised so I just limp in. The flop comes down KK6. I check, BB checks, dealer bets 20 and we both call. The turn is Q and I decide to nip it in the bud as there are two diamonds and two spades on the board now, so I bet the pot. BB folds and dealer raises all in. I felt sure they would be drawing a flush or might even have the other king but called anyway. No, no King - they had J4 off suit! The river was another queen and I knocked the opponent out with my full house against nothing. That leaves just two of us. We play around 15 hands and nothing much happens - chips are going back and forth. This player seems to bluff quite a bit as evertime we get to the river, he bets so I'm keeping this in mind. Next hand I'm dealt pocket 5s. Opponent calls as SB and i just check. The flop comes down Q104 and we both check. The turn is 10 and opponent min bets. I flat call as I don't believe he has much at all. The river is an 8. opponent bets 240 which leaves him 70 in chips. I've seen this action from this player (betting the pot on the river) quite a few times so I call.. He shows 47 so my pocket 5s are good and I win the pot. As I said above, he has 70 chips left. I'm dealer and I have K9 off suit and I'm SB. I decide to put the opponent all in and raise pre-flop. He calls and shows Q6. The flop is 7A2, the turn is an 8 and the river is a 3. I win the hand and the game and of course, the 20,000 prize pool. This puts my balance at 157,000! These are quick games and they're a lot of fun too I really enjoy them. I have played a couple of $2k,000 games but without much success. Definitely something for American players to fill the time with if you have no real cash on any USA poker sites.
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