Heads up shootout

I just used one of my free tickets on PokerStars and joined a heads up shootout freeroll. I won the first round with ease as my opponent was a sitout! I did have some amazing hands though. I had pocket kings at least 3 times and a pocket pair in another 5 hands. I was raising and clearing those hands as quickly as I could for fear my opponent would show up and happily for me, they never arrived. I don't think the next round will be so easy though. I'm patiently waiting for my next opponent and there is also a five minute break so just enough time to make a quick cup of tea! There are over 6000 entries, so it will be a while before the next round starts. I just checked out the prizes and the top 256 places will be paid a total prize pool of $500 plus there are 50 Sunday Storm tickets too! Definitely worth winning. The tourney has been running now for 39 minutes, the blinds are 125/250 and I'm still waiting for my 2nd opponent. I notice there are hundreds of players that haven't played their first game yet. I could be waiting some time! Well that was the strangest thing ever. I had 3k in chips and yet I was made to play the game again starting with 1500 chips. Fortunately for me, my opponent was a bit of an idiot lol. Every time I was BB, he raised me all in. I just kept folding although I did have the chip lead. Quite a few hands on from his all ins on my BB (which I should add he was still doing), it was his BB so I bet all in with AK suited. He insta called and showed A9. I hit a king on the flop and nothing else came for either of us. I won the game and he was out. He did post a lovely comment in the chat "total di ck". Very pleasant NOT. I didn't respond. So here I sit waiting again with my 3k in chips. There are 2,680 players left and the game has been running for 54 minutes. I'm still waiting to play the next round! The tourney has been running for 1 hour and 12 minutes. I don't think I will play another one of these as it's taking so long, so I've registered to an all in shootout for my other free ticket. 2067 players left in the game and the blinds are showing as 100/200. Strange considering they were 125/250 earlier,. The game has begun and I have 1500 chips again and the blinds are back to 10/20. Another opponent that likes to go all in pre flop when I'm BB. After a really good start and an early chip lead, things took a turn for the worse when they got lucky with two pairs against my top pair. I finally lost with pocket eights and they had Q2 and managed to hit queens on the flop after I bet all in. I came 1283rd out of a total of 6171 players. Not a great position but I did make it through two rounds initially. I woouldn't play that variant again though.....quite boring!
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