Double or Nothing Tournaments

I love double or nothing tournaments. You usually get a really good game of poker at these type of tables. I played one game at bet365 Poker and managed to double up. The other players were eager to throw their chips in the middle and it wasn't long before two players were knocked out. I think I only played two hands and the third players was knocked out and I doubled up. I'm playing another game, same thing, double or nothing. One person was knocked out first hand by pocket aces. I've not had a hand yet so I'm just posting and folding. I was just unraised BB. I was dealt K8 and everyone was checking. I hit a King on the river and min bet - one person called and everyone else folded. The kings were good enough and the win helped to replenish my chips. It's definitely a slower game than the first one. Everyone except one player, is playing a strong game. The player that's a bit wild is raising almost every hand to steal the blinds which are rising quite quickly. I just bet all in with pocket 5s and had one caller. The 5s held and I doubled up. Very next hand and I raised all in with AK. The guy that was raising pre-flop most hands called and showed 83 suited (he was BB). Fortunately, after he hit a pair of 8s on the flop, I hit a pair of kings on the river and he was knocked out. The next hand I'm dealt AQ and decide to push my luck one more time. I raise BB all in and they call. They show 910 off and I hit an ace on the river and win the hand. He is knocked out and the game is over. A very quick game but then were only 6 players. I do enjoy these games particularly when the blinds rise quite quickly as those players that like to sit out and think they will win, tend to lose their chips without playing a hand. The double or nothing tables range from 10c to 2 Euros so there is something for every bankroll.
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