Coming back from the brink

I just played a game on PokerStars - a play money Spin and go. I have no cash on there at the moment so I'm restricted to play money games. Anyway, I registered in the 10k spin and go and of course, the prize pool was 20,000 - it always is. Slow start with usual rubbish hands. A few hands in and I'm BB. Nnobody raised and I'm dealt with Q2. The flop is 2c8c4s and everyone checks. The turn is Qh. I bet the pot and everyone calls. The river is Ac and I again bet the pot leaving me 160 chips. One caller, who of course shows 45, both clubs and I'm beaten by a flush. A couple of hands on and I've dwindled to 100 chips after losing my BB and SB. I'm small blind now and I'm dealt JK. I bet all in as I reckon this might be a good enough hand to win with. BB folds and dealer calls. Their hand is J4. It's looking good! The flop comes down 572, the turn is an 8 and the river was another 2. I now have 220 chips. A couple of hands on and I'm dealt QK as the SB. The dealer and I flat call. The flop is 36K rainbow and I bet all in (160) - BB folds and dealer calls leaving them just 60 chips. They show Q7 (what were they thinking!). The turn is a 9 and the river a 2 meaning I double up to 410 chips. Next hand I'm dealer and I have AK suited and decide to go for it and bet all in. Both players call (one is all in). They show their cards K10 suited hearts and Q8. The flop is 872 rainbow, the turn is a J and the river a 6. I win the side pot of 700 and the all in players wins 180 main pot with their pair of 8s. My two opponents battle it out over a couple of hands and one of them hits a flush against a straight leaving him with just 20 chips. The guy that had 60 chips left in that earlier hand above, is now chip leader. The guy with just 20 chips is out next hand losing to a pair of jacks. We are now heads up and 2nd hand into the heads up, I'm dealt A6. I've noticed this opponent can't fold so I eventually bet all in (raises and re-raises). Opponent shows K4. The flop is 4310 so I'm behind at this point. the turn is a 5 (all hearts on the board with no hearts in either hand) and luckily for me, the river is an Ace. Next hand and I'm dealt A9 suited so I bet enough to put the opponent all in. They call and show pocket 6s. Fortunately for me, the flop is QA8, turn is a J and river a 7. I win the game and the 20,000 prize which means I have neough for a couple more games. I think I'm a little hooked on this play money sitngo's as any free moment (which isn't often tbh) I'm loading up my next game for my next fix. If you like these games, playing the free money games is a great learning ground for the real money spin and go games although, play is slightly more reserved in the play money games.
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