A small winning streak

My $5 free cash on Bet365 Poker has lasted well! I've dipped in and out of the site for the last few months playing those Twister sitngos. Today I logged in and I had around $6 and decided to play a few more Twister Sitngo's. The first game was very quick. One opponent knocked the other opponent out and then I managed to knock that person out with some really great hands (and some great play I might add). The second game prize was for 4 Euros. The game began and I did my usual posting and folding as my hands were dire. Watching the other players was quite useful as it was obvious they were just trying to steal the blinds. With only 500 starting stack, there isn't a lot of time for posting and folding plus the blinds increase quite rapildy too, so I joined in the blind stealing. I must admit, I had some really rubbish hands that I won with. I had pocket aces and raised the pot - probably a little too high, as everyone folded. The next hand I was dealt 910hearts. I limped in. The flop gave me two hearts and my only opponent raised all in. I decided to give it a whirl and all they had was K high with no chances of a flush. The final card gave me the flush and I won and took out the player. Just a hand or two on and I was dealt pocket 6s. I raised and my opponent raised all in. I called . The flop gave me trips and my opponents AK hand didn't hit anything. Theplayer still had a few chips left and the very next hand I took him out with KJ against K10. I hit jacks on the flop and that was good enough. I decided to have a spin on the slots and chose Thai Temple. I only played at 15c a spin and I went right down to my last dollar when I hit the free spins. My ending balance was just under $9 after the free spins so I shut down the game and loaded up a game called Heart of the Jungle. What a fan slot that is! 50 paylines with stacked symbols including wilds. I'm not sure what it is about stacked symbols but i really love these kind of slots. I did manage to get my balance up to $32 but I enjoyed the game so much, I spent the lot and lost it all except 19c. So now my balance is right down but all is not lost....yet. There are 10c sitngo games on there along with plenty of freerolls and 10c tournaments with €50 added. I've not deposited yet on bet365 Poker and hopefully I won't have to but I will be tempted by that Heart of the Jungle slot.
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