888Poker Free Step 2 Ticket

Another free ticket from 888Poker this time for a step 2 to $1 million Super XL, 888 Live and Major Tournaments. Just 500 starting chips, one minute blinds and one winner will receive a step 3 ticket. First hand is dealt and two players are knocked out straight away. Ak v Aq v 72 sees 4 spades on the board and the AK holding hte Ace of spades wins the hand. Another playe bit the dust when their pocket 7s held against AK suited. I've not played a hand yet and the blinds are up to 75/150 already. I was just BB and had nothing worth calling the raise on, so I had no choice but to fold. I've very few chips left now and it's not looking good. I'm SB next hand and I'm dealt JQ suited and decide it's good enough to go all in with considering I don't have many chips and I'll be all in on the anti within a hand or two. Two callers who check all the way from flop to river. The flop was A94, Turn was K and the river was 8. The person that won the hand had 74 off and I came 5th out of 10. I checked my tickets and found a $10,000 Action Hero Tournament ticket so I'm registered to that tourney now and it's due to start very shortly. Top 1250 players will be paid and first place wins $1,010. Game has begun and I'm a few hands in. I'm dealt AQ and I'm BB and quite a few players have flat called. I decide to raise pre-flop and everyone folds except two players. The flop came down JQJ. I bet two thirds of my stack and one player re-raises me all in. The other player calls as do I. They show their hands 9J suited and K10 off. My only saviour will be a Q. Unfortunately, the turn was a 5 and the river was a 3. I was out and that was that. Quite disappointing and not surprising to see players calling big raises preflop with suited cards.
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