$5k Freeroll at 888Poker

I'm registered and waiting patiently for the game to begin. I've used one of my free tickets I received by spinning on the "live the game" free spin machine. I didn't win the ticket today - today I won $10 free csaino chips! Much better lol. The game has begun and I'm posting and folding my usual rubbish. There are 16000 players and the blinds are going up at a rapid pace. They're already at 50/100 after just a few hands and the ante is .10. I'm down 200 chips already and I've not played a hand yet. Players with larger stacks are betting all in against solid hands like pocket kings and beating them with Ace rag. The rag (a 3) managed to hit trips after the turn! I'm still posting and folding and can't get anything decent. There is one hand I should have played and that was Q8 although I was in middle position. The flop was 225, the turn was an 8 and the river was a 10. There were two players in the hand and both were all in pre-flop. Their hands were A3 and K9. Hindsight is a wonderful thng that's for sure. I'm getting a little worried as my chips are dwindlung fast and I can't get a hand to play with. Blinds are 75/150 and I'm dealt JQ. I'm in two minds whether to call or not and decide not to call. I probably would have been more tempted had they been suited. It was a good decision as someone had pocket kings but the winner had pocket 2s and hit trips on the flop. I'm BB and binds are 125/250 and I'm dealt A5. UTG goes all in with their remaining few chips and someone in mid position re-raises all in which would put me all in. I decide to call being as I've not had any hands as yet and this is the best hand so far. They show their hands and one has pocket Aces and the other has pocket 8s. An 8 comes on the flop and I'm knicked out. Even pocket aces didn't stand a chance although they won the side pot. The board cards were K3877. I think I'm too strict with myself over those starting hands. I should learn to play more hands or rather, extend my range when the game is a turbo variant. Will I ever learn? I doubt it lol.
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