$5,000 Raise the Stakes Tournament

So the game has begun - 13656 players with late resgistration running for 30 minutes. Starting chips of just $1,000 and blind levels of just 2 minutes will mean I can't spend too long posting and folding to get me decent hands. There are 3 sitouts at the table and hopefully, they won't last long. One of hte sitouts is BB and I have 9Q suited so I've called. There are 5 of us in the hand! Flop is 622 and everyone checks. Turn is a Jack and everyone checks again. The river is an Ace and I felt sure someone would bet but they didn't The hands all show and 4 of us have a queen and 4 of us share the pot. My chips are dwindling fast as the blinds are already at 100/200 and the ante is 25. 8464 players are left. I'm BB and the blinds are 125/250. I'm dealt A4 suited and only the SB has limped in. I decide to take a chance and go all in. Opponent calls and shows 69 suited. The flop is K8J, the turn is K and hte river is a king so my Ace is good and I win the hand. I'm not getting excited though as my chips are dwindling fast again. I was dealt AQ suited and decide to give it a go. Two callers. The flop is A75, turn is 5 and at this point one of htem bets and he other one folds. He shows his hand and has pocket 6s. The river is a King and I win the hand with Aces. Posting and folding with just rubbish at the moment. I did have pocket twos at one point but decided to fold them. Wish I hadn't, as a 2 came on the flop and it would have been enough to win the hand. A few hands on and I'm SB. Someone raises all in for $1600 which will put me all in. I decide to call and whilst I id manage to hit a 6 on the flop, they hit a Jack on the river and won the hand with QJ. I was out. I did manage to come 3,948th out of 15218 players. It's not great but it's better than coming last although I didn't win any cash for my position. Top 2750 places paid - perhaps I should have hung on just to get a little bit of cash as it wasn't the greatest hand that I went all in with.
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