$2,000 Smooth Call Tournament

This is one of the three free tournaments currently being offered at 888Poker. Everyone should have received a $2k, $5k and $10k set of free tournament tickets. So this is the cheaper free tournament of the three. 3357 players and top 450 will be paid. I've not played a hand yet and there are 2337 players left in the game. I'm hopeful of a decent hand soon as the blinds are increasing every 2 minutes. At this rate it will be a short game for me! I only had around 450 chips left and I'm moved to another table. I was dealt QK suited hearts. and decided to give it a go and went all in. Just one caller who showed A5 off suit. I hit Queens on the flop and nothing else helped either of us so I took it down and he had the nerve to write "lol" in the chatbox. Many hands have passed and I've had nothing worth calling with. There are the usual bullies stealing all the blinds of the sitouts and quite successfully, I should add. The blinds are up to 250/500 and the ante is 70 so my chips are dwindling fast. Finally, I'm BB and I'm all in as I don't have enough for the Big Blind and the ante. I'm dealt A4 diamonds. Two players go all in, one calls (and has chips left) and the SB is a sit out and is also all in. All hands are shown: KJ off AJ off 66 KK (the sitout) The flop comes down 5510. The turn is a 4 and hte river is a 9. The sitout wins with the Kings and the pocket 6s takes the lions share (side pot). I'm out and it's game over after playing only two hands. After late registrations, there were 3649 players and I came 1045th. I think my downfall are these turbo tourneys. I need to play more hands and increase my range of hands. It's pointless me waiting for premium hands when the "turbo button" is switched on.
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