$10,000 Action Hero Tournament - Take 2

Well this tournament is proving to be really elusive! There aren't any available to play at the moment so I've registered in the $2,000 Smooth Call tournament plus I've checked the times of the $10,000 Action Hero Tournament which plays every 2 to 3 days at around 8pm! At least I have an idea when to turn up for it now. The game begins and I'm dealt 52 off to start with. There are two sitouts and the blinds are 10/20. Needless to say one player goes all in and everyone folds. The same guy went all in next hand but lost against trips and he has 30 chips left. Next hand and I'm UTG and the guy with 30 chips is BB and he's all in. I raise and everyone else folds. I have Q10 and he has K6. The flop is 10 4 9. The turn is Q and I'm thinking the only card this guy can win with is a Jack. Of course, what comes on the river? Yes the Jack to give him the straight. I just couldn't believe it. Next hand I'm BB and everyone folds. As SB I have 10 3 and I fold. It's not worth a light! Next hand and the guy that had 30 chips and won with the straight, bets all in and two players call. I've folded my 10 3. The flop comes down 9 8 10. The two players in the hand that have chips, are betting like crazy. The turn comes down and is a 7 and one of the players ends up all in and the cards are shown. One player has 10 3, the second player who is now all in has JQ and the guy with just a few chips who went all in pre-flop shows A5. The river comes down and it's a 2 - no help to anyone. The second player to go all in wins with his JQ and another player bites the dust. A few hands on and the blinds are gong up quite quickly. Now at 75/150 with an ante of 20. I'm dealt QK and I'm a few seats before the dealer. I decide to try and steal the blinds and raise a raise big but someone re-raises over the top of me and as I'm pot committed, I decide I have to call. Everyone else has folded. My opponent shows his cards and has AJ and I have a bad feeling it's all over for me. The flop is 294, the turn is another 4 and the river is a 7 and I'm done for. In hindsight, it was a bad move on my part and I should have just folded as QK isn't a great hand and can be easily beaten with just an ace. Ah well...back to the drawing board!
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