$10,000 Action Hero Tournament

I was hoping to register for the $10k action hero tournament - I have 3 tickets- but there are none available so it's the $2k smooth call tourney for me! I'll try and be on time to play the 10k tourney next week. After waiting a couple of hours, the game finally begins. I'm dealer and I'm dealt QK. I decide to give it a go as nobody is raising pre-flop. I hit queens on the flop but no doubt someone will be getting their straight as the flop is 810Q. A small bet is made and I call and everyone else folds. The turn is a 9 and my opponent bets all in immediately. I have to fold as I reckon they have the staight. Being as I only have 1000 chips, I can't afford to waste any at all. Next hand I have rubbish and then I'm dealt pocket 8s. Somebody raises in front of me so I just call. One other player calls. The flop is JQK. That's no good to me at all. The original raiser bets and I decide I'm wasting my time and my stack so I fold. The other player calls. The turn is another Queen and the original raiser bets 510. The opponent calls again. There's now 1,335 in the pot. Original raiser bets 450 leaving himself $50 and his opponent folds. There were two hearts and two clubs on the board before the river so I'm assuming the "caller" was chasing a flush as the river was a 3 and not a heart or a club. A few more hands in, I've not won a hand and my chips are down to 890. I'm dealt pocket 10s this time. The player to my right has a large stack and I can see he's going to be trouble. Blinds are 50/100 and thenutter with the large stack raises to 200. I call and one other player calls. The flop is J3Q. The nutter with all the chips comes out betting high and I decide to fold. The other two players fight it out to showdown after a Queen comes on the turn and a 5 on the river. The caller shows pocket 9s and the nutter shows 10 J so I made a good decision to lay down those cards. Around 8 hands on, I've not played a hand for a whle and I'm dealt pocket 10s again. I'm down to 330chips and ddecide no matter what, I'm going all in. I raise all in and one player calls. They show their cards and they have pocket queens. so I guess that I'm sunk. The cards are K23A9 so nothing helps me and they win the hand and I'm out. There were 8503 players and I came 5914th. The sitouts did better than me! It wasn't a good game at all. I think the "nutter" spoiled it with his poor play. He went all in with 103 one hand and beat someone with pocket kings by hitting a straight - I guess it says it all with the standard of play these days.
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