Launched as Evolving Step of LCB Network Launched as Evolving Step of LCB Network
These are exciting days if you are a member of the LCB Network like us - made possible by you, our registered members, readers, friends and associates who have been supporting our hard work, ever since foundations for our flagship mother site, Latest Casino Bonuses, were laid 12 years ago.

August 20th goes down in LCB history

That's because this is the date when the widely-used acronym has finally got the recognition it deserved - in the rebranding of the to a much more catchier and user-friendlier!

There is very sensible reasoning by this change in URL that, we are sure, will be greeted by many as now you don't have to worry about typing the rather lengthy address correctly.

Mostly, the branding evolution...

...stemmed organically from the natural need for growth based on historical achievements. The instant recognition of the brand that is LCB and our gradual transformation to a proper company through acquisition and build-up of dozens of sites such as:

  • Latest Bingo Bonuses

  • World Casino Directory

  • Two Little Fleas

  • Wizard of Odds

and others now under the LCB Network umbrella. One of them being, of course, Latest Poker Bonuses.

Labor of Love

Conceived in the now ancient history of 2006, Latest Casino Bonuses started out as a modest, well-organized but determined casino directory website, led by the people of same qualities.

Since then:

It has grown majestically into 100,000 registered members portal with hundreds and hundreds of casino reviews, reports on rogue casinos, daily news and support and meditative service acting like a middleman between the casino representatives and a common man, ie. casino punter.

Dedication and devotion paid off

Not least in winning the iGB Affiliate of the Year awards in 2013 and 2014, but most importantly in winning over the trust and respect from the people both in ranks of our affiliates and industry friends and the growing fan base.

So much has the site's reputation blossomed that LCB acronym became the unofficial moniker and an eye-catching mark of identity, sort of like a seal of quality earned for years of perseveration.

Hence, it was our corporate decision to adopt the LCB identity as a change in brand direction as we pursue new heights.

Corporations are Like a Centipede...

...they only work if all legs move towards the same goal, and over the course of the years, the quantity of legs has been growing exponentially.

With the acquisition and/or construction of new websites, our network has risen to massive proportions, prompting us to think of LCB Network in terms of organization.

The most effective way to convey the identity and feel of a business organization and translate it to the web is by inheriting the ".org" extension that stands for "organization".

LCB Network feels, therefore, that is

It is the ideal representation of what we truly are at this point in time and where we are heading. And as we plot various new surprises in the months to come that was even beyond our own wildest dreams only months ago and think of ways to announce them to you in an adequate manner.

We are firmly grounded in the "here and now", content with what we've become with your precious help and support.

We thank you all!
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