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Poker Sites Sharing the Same Network

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Thank you for this post. It is very helpful to know witch poker sites are allowed to play together and whitch is not. Personaly I play normally 2-3 poker sites together hoping to win something big.  :D

Many tournaments are the same I some similar poker sites like triobet, betsafe, unibet.

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I see there has been no post lately inhere, but I have urge to suggest something to all hold'em players in LCB community. For players who started playing in a year or two, go on and start playing new player tournaments at microgaming platforms. I've played it during last year and managed to collect around 3000$ from just new players freerolls and tournaments. Ofcourse, as their policy is one household - one account you either need new PC that you never played poker on or just shut down your prevous accounts (you will need to contact their live supports for that) and reopen new ones. A lot of fishes inthere, easy tournaments. If you are any good you should get into top20 each tournament you play. Just play passive, wait your cards. Fishes call and allin with any pair they got.

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