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Poker Ticket for Sale

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I have a Ticket for sale to SPS (Solverde Poker Season) Main Event in December / 2019 for sale

Location of the Tournament: Espinho - Portugal

Buy in (to who wants to enter normal way): 500€



Price of the ticket: €450.

ticket was won in another tournament in March of 2019 where the prize instead of money was the ticket to December Tournament, however, due to professional reasons, i will not be able to go there


Tournament Date: 9 - 15th December 2019.

Total Prize Pool: 100k + €

Prize to the 1st Place: 30k + €



If someone interested please contact me by PM, email or comment.


price is not negotiable.

I do not accept exchanges.

anyone sending a message, email or commenting on the post trying to negotiate the price or exchange for something will be ignored.


obs: i am not intending do anything that may be considered against the forum rules, is just an offer to see if someone is interested in do it since exist here many players from many different locations.

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Poker rooms in California (some at least.) give tournament tickets as prizes for both satellites and other types of tournaments. That are often transferable.


The reason being that. Players are more willing to play tournaments w/ cash + tickets or tickets alone. When they can sell the tickets to other people. More so if you win a $10,000 tournament ticket from a $250 buyin. Considering the jump in player skill level.


Obviously host casino would prefer giving tournament tickets as part or all of payout. Since it's guaranteed money put into future events. Plus the money remains at the casino.

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Thanks orren for the info.  I was under the impression that if a person won a ticket in a satellite, the ticket had their name on it (not in the literal sense of course).

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If the Ticket is none transferable it usually says that in the Tournament Lobby so you now before hand if you win the ticket you will be going to a live tournament in whatever country so if the ticket is none transferable the site has no obligation to give a cash exchange as Details are clearly stated.

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I know such proposals appear very often. I know many crooks and cheaters work in such a case. Firstly, they make a very attractive offer for you. When you are ready to pay money, after that they suddenly disappear and ban you so you are not able to contact them anymore. It's a well-known scheme, I am sure you know it. If you want to play poker and win some tickets, you should trust only proven and world-known resources.

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