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Achievements Rewards at Party Poker - Freeroll Giveaway

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For a limited time only, you’ll get an extra reward at Party Poker when you collect selected Achievements – a freeroll entry!


There are entries to the $500 Daily Giveaway right through to the $30,000 Monthly Giveaway out there and getting your hands on them is easy…

Here’s how it works:


    When you collect a selected Achievement (take a look at the list below) a freeroll entry will automatically be added to your account

    You’ll see your freeroll in the 1 Click Lobby. Simply click the tile to register

    Come back when it’s time for the freeroll to start and play for a cash prize


These freeroll entries are around for a limited time only, so get a move on and start earning



Achievements                  Reward

Pair Win

a hand with a pair                Entry to $500

                                            Daily Giveaway


Best Friends Forever

Become friends with 1 other player Entry to $500

                                                                Daily Giveaway

Winning Ducks

Win a hand with 2-2 as your starting hand Entry to $1,000

                                                                        Daily Giveaway


Get dealt A-A as your starting hand Entry to $1,000

                                                                Daily Giveaway


Get dealt J-J as your starting hand Entry to $2,000


Poker Player

Play a hand on 2 consecutive days Entry to $2,000


Sit & Go Starter

Play 1 Sit & Go Tournament                 Entry to $2,500

                                                                Weekly Giveaway


Get dealt K-K as your starting hand Entry to $2,500

                                                                Weekly Giveaway


Win a hand with a flush                         Entry to $2,500

                                                                Weekly Giveaway


Become friends with 5 other players Entry to $10,000



Eliminate an opponent

from a tournament or Sit & Go         Entry to $10,000



Play 100 hands of poker                           Entry to $10,000


Band of Brothers

Refer 5 friends                                   Entry to $10,000


Tournament Starter

Play 1 Tournament                                   Entry to $30,000

                                                                  Monthly Giveaway

Two's a Team

Refer 1 friend                                           Entry to $30,000

                                                                  Monthly Giveaway

Full Squad Assembled

Refer 10 friends                                   Entry to $30,000

                                                                  Monthly Giveaway


Become friends with 10 other players   Entry to $30,000

                                                                  Monthly Giveaway


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