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Royal Flush Jackpot - $25,000 Prize

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Playing the poker you know and love could land you at least $25,000 in an instant at Lucky Ace Poker.


Here's how…


Play the same poker you usually do, but at one of their Royal Flush Jackpot tables (labelled as (Royal) under the Jackpots tab in the lobby).


If you get a Spade Royal Flush, you'll pocket 100% of that jackpot amount!


Get any other Royal Flush and you'll bank a tidy 10% of the jackpot.


It's not often you get the chance to win such a huge sum of money instantly, just by playing poker, so…




The Royal jackpot starts at $25,000. The progressive jackpot grows with every raked hand, till somebody gets lucky and takes home a huge prize!


At the Royal tables you hit the jackpot with a Royal Flush.


The jackpot tables are marked with a green J icon next to them. They are also labeled with the word "Royal" in brackets beside the table name.




Once you select a table, the sum of the progressive jackpot will be on the lower right corner of the screen.


If you hit the jackpot, you will be notified with a pop-up message. Good luck!

How do I participate in the progressive jackpot?


At the beginning of each hand, you will see a window notifying you that it is time to place your jackpot Extra Bet. This window will appear at the beginning of each hand for a total of seven seconds. Click "Place jackpot Bet" to participate in the jackpot.




To indicate that you would like to automatically place a jackpot Extra Bet on future hands, click the "Post jackpot" box.


To see which players placed jackpot bets, look for a green "JP" icon in the player's name boxes. Players with a red icon in their name box did not place jackpot bets.



Progressive Royal jackpot:


For every raked hand played on the Royal jackpot tables, a contribution of 50¢ per player will be collected at the beginning of the hand.


Contribution: 50¢ from the player

Winning Distributions


The jackpot will be distributed, to the Royal jackpot winner only, as follows:


    100% to a Spade Royal Flush

    10% to all other Royal Flushes

    2% to a Straight Flush

    0.5% to Four-of-a-kind


See the website for the specific terms and conditions.

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