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Titan Treasures' Truzzle Puzzle

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Play poker, complete multiple puzzle achievements, and click to redeem your guaranteed cash-awarding Diamond Ticket (with prizes between $50 and $500) at Titan Poker!


Puzzle Your Way Through


Welcome to Titan Treasures' interactive 2D puzzle - Truzzle! While playing poker and earning Gold Coins, you will also be completing a 20 piece puzzle. Each piece of the puzzle represents a poker achievement to be accomplished. Once all 20 achievements have been completed within the required 2 month period, the background puzzle image will be revealed and the player will be able to redeem a Diamond Ticket for a super cash prize!




How to Piece it Together?


The Truzzle Puzzle is accessible via the left side bar menu in the Titan Poker software under a tab called "Truzzle". Simply click the "Start Playing" popup that appears to begin.

How much time do I have to complete the puzzle?


You will have 60 days in which to complete the puzzle. A timer measuring days, hours and minutes will be displayed in the top right corner of the Truzzle window. Should you be unable to complete the puzzle achievements during the required 2 months' time, you will need to restart the puzzle from the beginning. Completed achievements will be represented by the relevant icon that appears alongside the 'Accomplished' header under the puzzle.


Once all the puzzle pieces have been revealed, click the redeem button to win a randomly selected cash prize ranging from $50 all the way up to $500!


Cash bonuses will be issued automatically once the Diamond Ticket has been redeemed and will be recorded under the player's transaction history tab. The Diamond ticket can be accessed from the software only (players cannot purchase the Diamond Ticket with Titan Points).


Truzzle Achievements to Complete


You can view all the achievements to be completed on Titan Treasure page.  The puzzle includes




Sit 'N' Gos

Cash Games

Other (Refer a Friend)




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This is still an active promotion at Titan Poker.


Mago666 is well on his way to completing his Truzzle - you can read some details on his progress HERE (post #228).



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I also really like such things and since I was a small child I have been attracted to it.  
The other day I tried to go to a crossword solver team competition and together with my friends I won.  
It's pretty ok that they also give gifts so that the motivation to win is much higher.  
Is anyone here as enthusiastic about this?  I'm just curious.

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