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Free Real Money Tournament tokens

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At Sky Poker (NO USA), you don't need to make a deposit to earn free tournament tickets.


For every free play poker hand you play in the calendar month, you get the chance to earn tournament tokens.


    Play 20 hands in the month and get £1.10 tournament token

    Play 50 hands in a month and get a £2.20 tournament token


No deposit required to participate in this promotion or to use the tournament token.


This promotions is open to newly registered and existing customers. Tokens will be credited within 5 working days following the end of the previous month.


To use the tournament token through playing on the free to play tables, a customer must have a fully registered account, including a registered credit/debit card in order that Sky Poker can carry out its customer verification procedures.

Terms and Conditions


    You can only be awarded one poker token in a month

    This offer counts only for hands played on the free play cash tables (freeroll MTT's and STT's hands do not count towards your free play hands)

    You are ineligible for the offer if you play any real money cash hands or buy-in to a paid MTT or STT during the month

    A free play hand counts as any hand that you are dealt cards on a free play cash table

    Your token will be granted within 5 working days following the previous calendar month

    Your token will expire in 7 days from when the token is granted if unused

    The token can only be redeemed once

    The token will be used towards the next MTT or STT you buy-in to

    If you buy-in to a tournament that is less than the value of the token you will not be refunded the difference of the buy-in (i.e. if you buy-in to a £1.10 tournament with a £2.20 token, you will not receive a £1.10 refund)

    You have to play in the tournament to redeem the offer (i.e. you cannot cancel your registration)

    The tournament token is non-withdrawable, it has to be used to buy-in to an MTT or STT

    All Sky Poker tournament terms and conditions apply

    Sky Poker reserves the right to add, remove and/or amend these terms and conditions at any time provided that any such amendments shall not have a detrimental effect on any participant.

    Sky Poker Management decision will be final in all cases.

    All other Sky Betting and Gaming rules apply.



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This was where one of those little marker thingies could of been place right out side this thread standing for,  NO USA.  LOL hahahahaa

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I guess it would Jacob.


I tried it with a sad face but it just makes it look like a miserable promotion so I took it off.  Thumbs down doesn't do much for it either so I've left it as it was.





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