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The complete beginner's guide to online poker

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Party Poker offer a fantastic range of helpful training tools:


New to the Game covers:


       Basic poker rules

       How a hand plays out

       Blinds and position

       Tips and advice

       Poker glossary

       Playing for real money


Raise your Game covers:


       Strategy & tactics

       Bankroll management


       Tips and advice

Master the Game covers:


       Poker theory

       Poker tactics

       Poker psychology


There are also 21 Video Tutorials


Poker Trainer


This is a standalone application that you can use to practice your game.  Click HERE to launch it.


Hand Analyser


Need an instant answer as to whether you're cards are worth playing?  Us the hand analyser.  The hand analyser allows you to select two cards and it tells you the name of the hand and how good (or bad) it is.


To find all the above information, just click on "How to Play" (the tab is along the top) and you will see all the info down the left hand side.


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sweet. this is the type of guide i needed. detailed but explained clearly. started poker last month and this guide helped shed some light. i felt like the online casinos were bogus so i thought i need to read more. i would like to try playing here after and see. 


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