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  1. . Looks like Manchester United is worth over 3 billion dollars now according to Forbes.
  2. If the casinos returned more money than they take in, they would be out of business. That being said, it would be nice to be able to sit at a slot machine and only lose $20 an hour.
  3. If we did not start bombing other countries, do you think there would be as many refugees.
  4. Thank you for the contest LCB. Just noticed the winnings added to the bankroll. Bankrolls go up quickly in this forum.
  5. I have not taken the bitcoin plunge, yet. There are just enough bonuses from various forums that I have not yet had to go the bitcoin route. I thought it funny when one of my sites paid in euros, until it went belly up.
  6. My grandson said his rarest Pokemon is Haunter.
  7. Outbluenicorn's have been seen changing colors at Bingo Mania. Special Power: Whenever Outbluenicorn has an out playing bingo it alternates from blue to another color to let you know you are about to Bingo!
  8. Cannot believe I hauled my 3rd grade grandson in the comfort of a bicycle trailer so he could play Pokemon Go in 95 degree weather. He was doing Pokemon Stops to get more Pokemon balls, he was getting into Pokemon Battles to level up, and of course he was catching Pokémon's during our bike ride. It was so cute. We were heading towards Dairy Queen and the Pokemon Go game said, Here Comes The Queen. Did you know Pokemon originally was called Pocket Monsters then was shortened to Pokemon?
  9. Hey, hey. 3rd place on slot WinAFortune on July 21st at WinADay Casino. My login i.d. at winaday is eberetta1 If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
  10. Signed up for a WinADay account. Hopefully, I can place in the top 10 soon.
  11. I do not even want to get involved in this discussion. To think that a casino gives floorspace to a software company in exchange for a cut of the profits shows whether or not a casino owes refunds. However, I would not hold my breath. Whenever the SEC fines companies for shortchanging investors, the fines do not make it back to the investors who were harmed. Nice job for casinos to stay financially strong by shortchanging customers. I mean isn't this what the definition of business is all about, to have a cash cow for as long as possible with no concern for any harm done?
  12. Intertops, Juicy Stakes Daily at 6:30pm E.T., 8:30pm E.T., 10:30pm E.T. Name: Freeroll Password none Prizes: 1st place: Ticket to $300 GTD 2nd place: Ticket to $200 GTD 3rd place: Ticket to $200 GTD 4th-7th place: Ticket to $100 GTD BIG BOUNTY 8th-15th place: Ticket to $100 GTD JUST ONE DOLLAR
  13. Intertops, Juicy Stakes July 14, 2016 4:30 pm ET prize: $125 name: Jackpot Freerolls $80+ Series Password: 87413003 95 minutes of late registration
  14. Defense can keep you in a few games. Having an easy bracket can work wonders, too. You just gotta grab every opportunity whenever and wherever it presents itself. Huge kudos, Portugal.
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