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  1. Admin NOTE: Please be advised NOT to flood our boards with consecutive posts in order to rack up the chips. Please post all tournaments for the day in ONE post ONLY.
  2. Still at PS. tho not as frequently as before.
  3. Zuga

    LCB poker Client

    Its an interesting idea, but unfortunately not realistic at this time.
  4. sadly no.... no time for it, though I had fair success playing online ( having my biggest tournament win peak at $22K for the first place out of 1500 or so players ). Playing poker is a full time job, and having to run LCB and the rest of our network is not leaving me much time to play. This is why my game is not improving as I make several months breaks before hitting the tables for few weeks, and then all over again.
  5. you can try to qualify via satellites Sommi, and you recently got that $25 to pokerstar, unless thats gone by now :P
  6. man there will be no sleep that weekend for me! :D
  7. Zuga


    not really superstitious during my play. I try to focus on my game and have fun in the process .
  8. yeah that is actually a good news. A lot of players were against this model, as well as them not being trilled about PokerStars' plan to introduce casino games.
  9. this old one is funny
  10. I think i got into the money on that one.
  11. actually was playing fifty50 sit&go
  12. Folded this hand pre-flop, and then surprise surprise what came out. :D LOL
  13. I hear ya... tho from the biz standpoint it makes sense to diversify...
  14. Zuga


    Welcome back ;)
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