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  1. Okay hope I understand this right... 8 of Spades, 7 of hearts ???? Good luck everybody!
  2. I have had no trouble withdrawing to my Skrill account from quite a few Microgaming casinos prior to ever making a deposit, but often it has been because of the freeroll tournaments rather than a no deposit bonus. I'm not sure if it is intentionally allowed or I have just slipped under the radar but Digimedia and Fortune Lounge groups have both paid me multiple times at skins of theres where I never made a deposit - though its possible it might be because I have deposited at other casinos in their groups.
  3. Haha I so have to get myself one of these LCB coffee mugs. Blueday perhaps you can advise how long it would take to receive one here in the UK? :)
  4. Just out of interest how come you rated those casinos anyway.. were you previously allowed to play at them from Serbia? Or were you just giving star ratings to casinos you actually know nothing about? If its the latter I'd say its pretty embarrassing you made this topic. The shop is an awesome feature and I'd hate to see it disappear because of abuse.
  5. Your not wrong, my housemate had a 100x bonus WR on the go yesterday - it was at Roxy Palace, £10 no deposit bonus, and shouted me after he managed to hit a £75 win on Break Da Bank Again off a 9p spin - it was the five sapphires on a regular spin. I said go ask them how much WR you have remaining.. they told him over £800 lol .... By this morning he was back down to £10 and contacted support to find he was on £493 to go. Of course he busted out a few minutes later still spinning at 9p. I love it when you make a small deposit without bonus and have a great hit straight away - but of course, those days are few and far between. The extra playtime a bonus usually gives can often be extremely useful. Nevertheless, I would be VERY unlikely to take a 25percent bonus if the WR included wagering my own deposit 20 or more times.. sack that !
  6. I have seen the promotion discussed on several forums and have not come across a single player who was awarded the 99 free spins so far - anybody else know if that was ever actually awarded? Clearly, there are hundreds or even maybe more players who do not post on forums such as this, but I really am suspicious about that particular "prize" !!
  7. Often I think some casinos use this way of describing the bonus to try and make it appear that the wagering requirement is lower than it really is - you know, 20xD+B sounds lower than 40xB, for example. I would usually always convert it back to just x Bonus when assessing whether to take an offer, in your example above, you are being asked to wager the bonus x100, which doesn't seem like a good deal to me. So yes, I'd say its often a rip off!
  8. I won 10 free spins twice but both times was seriously unlucky and won next to nothing ..I really wish they would allow us to use the spins on a wider range of slots, but what can we do... can't complain too much about a freebie. Hopefully they have a new promo about to launch, anybody know?
  9. wscalley


    The "Wayback Machine" that Jonny Karp suggested is the one I have always used, it is really great especially on busy sites like casinos, you should find they have copies of every revision to the terms and conditions going back years for a site like Ladbrokes. Good luck with whatevers going on and be sure to come back and let us know what happens?
  10. Where are you seeing this? I've never seen person to person available at a casino, but it is common at many poker rooms and allows you to send some of your funds to a friends account directly. I guess in the casino world it would only serve as a tool to help money launderers, as opposed to poker where it has obvious benefits for staking people and the like. But without knowing the context, I'm not sure if I'm on the right track anyway :)
  11. "Paddy Paydays" ??? At Corals?? I had 2 x €5 tokens in my account randomly a couple of days ago but I got an email regarding that also.
  12. It is definitely low variance in so far as the maximum win is just 500x bet, and that is a single combination that I have NEVER heard of anybody hitting and I would estimate is in the order of several million to one odds despite only returning 500/1. But yes, I too would expect more frequent small wins from a true low variance slot. I'd hazard a guess the stacked symbols play a big part in this apparent mismatch - the reel strips are probably very long, with only a single section of the stacked BAR symbols required to hit the jackpot on each reel. And of course the fact that it is possible - and likely - to win on multiple lines at once most of the time you catch any win at all, coupled with the fact that it pays both ways, means Starburst just plays nothing like a typical 9 liner - I cannot think of any other low variance(or supposedly low variance!) 9/10 line games whatsoever. Add in the fact there are no features whatsoever and I honestly just find the game dreadful, I've NEVER had a good session on it, but enough people say they have that I have to conclude I have just been unlucky.
  13. Am gutted for you, these kinds of issues are happening more and more these days - If you were a regular at Paddys, as I am, I can totally understand you being gutted - and annoyed - but at the same time, at least this is a one off, isolated case, and you are not being kicked out of a whole list of casinos as could happen if regulation ever reaches your country. Are you allowed to play at Corals? There cashout times are not too much longer than Paddys and they offer many of the same games, same poker room, comparable sportsbook .. support and promotions are pretty good too.
  14. I'm telling you mate, NetEnt are extremely skilled at crafting their latest maths models to take your money as efficiently as possible, whilst still being provably fair and offering a genuine 96percent or similar tRTP. The one thing I have noticed in particular is that the traditional big hits of five wilds or five scatters have been downgraded to 'nothing special' status in many recent releases, without any obvious compensation somewhere else on the paytable. You know, if Dead or Alive can serve up 2500x bet for five scatters, how come pretty much every recent NetEnt game offers 100x bet at the most, and of course has NOTHING like the insane maximum payout that Dead or Alive can offer in its feature? It's a total scam, WAY too much tRTP allocated to the low end combinations eg. those that return less than your initial bet, and nowhere near enough at the top end - 10-25x bet for five wilds is just a JOKE, NetEnt !!! :(
  15. Am I really the only person who finds Starburst a total wallet guzzler? I have lost a €30+ balance playing starburst at just €0.10 per spin more than once, in contrast to what many people say about it being super low variance and great for beating a wagering requirement... I've ended up playing it quite a lot at Stan James because of their policy of only allowing bonus winnings in the mobile casino to be played on other mobile casino games, and honestly, it just disgusts me how many dead spins it can chuck it out in a row. I've smartened up now and settled on Frankenstein instead, which is more fun and much more generous in my experience!
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