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  1. "Paddy Paydays" ??? At Corals?? I had 2 x €5 tokens in my account randomly a couple of days ago but I got an email regarding that also.
  2. I received 2 x €5 poker tokens in my email yesterday from Corals - no idea why, just out of the blue, so check your accounts and/or spam folders just incase! Hi Wayne, We’ve credited your Poker account with 2 x €5 tournament tokens! Simply login now and you will be able to play a wide range of great tournaments, courtesy of Coral. You can view your tokens in the ‘My Poker’ section of download client and all available tournaments can be found from the tournaments lobby. The tokens will expire by 30th September so make sure you don't miss out. * Good Luck, The Team @Coral
  3. There is some discussion that the rule preventing auto topup and auto rebuy (a consequence of the rule that also prevents slot games allowing more than 25 spins in autoplay), might yet be repealed - nevertheless I guess PokerStars and Full Tilt feel that creating a UK specific client at this time will allow them to easily enforce any regulations the UKGC insist on in the future, without affecting customers in other countries. It's strange though, the only changes that are declared right now are the removal of auto-rebuy and auto-topup, which might be scrapped anyway, and a reduction in VIP benefits as a result of the 15 percent tax to be enforced - which I imagine they could have done on the server for UK customers rather than having a UK specific client. It all just gives me the impression that we have not heard the last of this UK regulation garbage, and we might have a whole lot more suffering to come yet :(
  4. Okay today I have this exact same problem once again. I downloaded process explorer which identifies a dodgy thread: ntdll.dll?RtlRegisterThreadWithCsrss+0x287 This single thread is consuming an entire CPU core constantly and is being called by casino.exe which is the iPoker / playtech poker application. I realise is all quite technical but I am just hoping that putting this information out here on a board as popular as LCB will result in an answer somehow being found. Searching for the thread data above in google reveals others have the same issue with ntdll.dll consuming their CPU at ridiculous levels however I am yet to find an answer. I have run a whole host of anti virus, anti spyware/malware/blablaware software and all the rest, and figure a complete re-install is long overdue anyway so may as well do it now as this problem springing up randomly could well cost me dearly if I am unable to play a poker tournament I have paid to enter suddenly. This is the 4th time the problem has appeared randomly though, and it just seems to sort itself out the next day or whatever with no explanation whatsoever. I was wondering if it might be to do with updates from iPoker but if that was the case it would resolve itself in a few minutes surely today it is locking up 25percent CPU (quad core machine) constantly for several hours now, all of it on the one thread mentioned above... killing the thread causes the iPoker client to crash unfortunately and I am unable to work out what it refers to :(
  5. wscalley

    Let's grind NL 2

    I have tried this a couple of times in the past, usually playing fast fold, but always found that the rake was a major problem and sometimes the swings would be so brutal, I switched to playing double or nothings for a while but then the past month it just seems no matter what I do I cannot seem to make a consistent daily profit, I just get sucked out on over and over and over regardless of what type I play. I've almost given up and have just been blasting slots and blackjack to recover losses - obviously this does not always work but if I spend 3 hours playing cash for example, and lose ten BIs, I feel as if trying to keep going to recover that money will just see me on tilt, so want to recover it by some other means before trying it again - I think I mentioned a few posts back I also sometimes go for a higher stakes double up game to get back my losses too. I'm really wondering if I need to start a new learning phase to improve my game or work out if I have sprung some leaks somewhere, as I was previously making a healthy profit most days - this is all on iPoker btw. Sommi/Blueday, any tips for getting out of this kind of rut?
  6. It certainly makes sense that if pokerstars do get a client up and running for those in New Jersey, they should link it to their global pool of existing players - obviously it would provide a massive amount of liquidity instantly at all levels of stake, I just hope that there is not any kind of legal barrier to this being the eventual way things turn out? I say this because allowing players in the USA to join tables with those outside its borders will create exactly the situation all this drama in the US has been orchestrated in order to prevent, will it not?
  7. wscalley

    Let's grind NL 2

    Hey there Sommi, I was wondering with regards to PokerTracker, when I have tried it the HUD seems to take up so much space on top of the table that it is impossible to run more than say 4 tables at once with the HUD active, do you use the HUD and if so how on earth do you run your screenful of tables with this extra information on show as well?
  8. I like to load up the NL2000 tables at MG sometimes and just watch what is going on at the tables - I can't imagine ever reaching that level myself, but hey, I can dream :)
  9. wscalley

    Let's grind NL 2

    I lost a bunch of buy ins today playing cash, set over set, backdoor flushes, ridiculous straights (AA vs 53 and I lost to a wheel after hitting trips on the flop.. I mean come on!!) I'm fast remmbering why I ditched cash and stuck to the sitngos... still I'm gonna play tomorrow and if I don't recover my bankroll from today I'll probably drop 50€ on a double up and try recover the lot in one SnG.. I'll probably be broke by Monday !
  10. wscalley

    Let's grind NL 2

    I do enjoy PKR, but the games just seem to take FOREVER... I think last time I dropped a few $ in there I was playing double ups with 7 minute blinds and the average time was well over 3 hours, thats just crazy.
  11. wscalley

    Let's grind NL 2

    Heres the thing though blueday, I see the same kind of crap day in day out on pretty much any site I play at.. yes I have good runs too, and I accept theres a great deal of variance involved, but still.. it does start to get you down eventually. My latest, ipoker paddy power earlier today, AKs all in, instant nut flush on the flop, over 99pc to win, villian caught a pair of tens... the turn and river gave him a full boat lol :) That hand sent me out of a €50 double up, I've not played all day since as I know I would have tilted big time.
  12. Bla, can't believe this is gonna happen with poker rooms too, our government really sucks. And what is with everybody trying to pass us off onto dodgy brands, I guess they must have offered up the most for the data? Play at BetWay and Titan Poker? Give me a break!
  13. Guessing it was a cash game ticket you received? Did you get an email regarding it or just found it in your account? I don't seem to have it :( I actually forgot about unibet poker for a while til I saw your post, I was playing it quite alot just after they switched to their bespoke platform, I did pretty well out of the free tenner bonus, and won a few freerolls, then just stopped playing there for a while... Think I will have another blast now anyway, but hey with regards Omaha, thats surely the best part about it isn't it ??? - Many people aren't as proficient as the average player at a texas hold em table, so if you know the game well you stand a much better chance of cleaning up .. no?? I mean sure it can be annoying if you have donks and maniacs calling anything but you just have to adjust your game, stay patient, and the time will come when you can take all their chips .. always :)
  14. wscalley


    Betfred sent me an email this afternoon telling me I had a free token in my account to try the new betfred league tonight - I used to play their social league earlier this year but had pretty much forgotten all about it. Seems I am off to a good start! :)
  15. I definitely prefer 6max during MTTs, double or nothings, and cash games, but still seem to have my best luck in regular single table SnG on FR tables. Anybody have any theories as to why that might be? I guess I like the top 3 paid format better than top 2, but also there is usually a couple of players who are easy pickings at a FR table it seems too ... ;)
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