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  1. If they had a decent software, than it could be good :D
  2. Is there some new sites? Except Ps, 888 partypoker, Americas Cardroom where the software does not lag and there are rake races?
  3. I think most of the people don't look in this section at all. If it would go, they would quickly smell something in the LCB and get over :D:D Especially knowing the Russian and Ukranian people :D
  4. Total Racoon


    Hi, haven't posted in a while! So, do you know some staking sites that are short term offers? Simply it's hard to get in the big one like Moshman etc. staking teams. There was some time ago parttimepoker staking, but after the law changes in UK, it went bust. ChipMeUp is for BAPS and SAPS, and that's not the same :/
  5. Check your accounts for 10 bucks for casino in STARS
  6. Read the best books! And if you want really to commit try finding a coach, it helps a lot. It costs of course money, but the investment usualy goes in the green margin :D
  7. They have had the poker room for some years now :D:D
  8. I newer said that Intertops is bad :D They don't want to close their poker platform and that's it... Maybe a better idea for them would be to get rid Cake and look for another platform.
  9. Simply they are desperate to get people in poker in their platform... There are no tournaments, the cash game tables are maybe 5-10 and the freerolls have more guaranted money than real money tournaments :D So they start these things :)
  10. Preflop Aces are the best hand.. There is no science or whatever behind it :D:D And you can't really adress poker strategy to freeroll tournaments :D
  11. There is no case in cash games where you have to fold aces pre flop... Folding aces can be done in 6max hyper sattelites, as the regs say, when there are 3 players left....
  12. He would have called anyway- 1st it's a freeroll, 2nd if he's calling till the river he call the all in on the flop too :D
  13. The betting thing is still in it's beta state, so at the moment it will be full with bugs etc. etc.
  14. At first... Let's hope that the USA will get their gambling law together... On the other hand, already the tournaments have huge fields, if the usa will get in them than there will be probably every sunday a sunday three million tournament :D
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