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  1. lipstick


    I always have to it in a certain seat position. If i don't i am not comfortable until i can!
  2. Very informative thread blue - Thanks :-bd
  3. That is one of the ultimate nightmares and if its any consolation it happens to us all at one time or another. But one of these days you'll get even and crack somebody's aces with a pair of twos.......... ;)
  4. This definitely goes on and i have seen it happen sooo many times. The only way to prevent it is not allowing players to choose their own tables to play at. Another words they would be allowed to choose type of game and buy-in amount and randomly be placed at a table. Some players would have to wait for Sit n Goes to open up even though there are seats open, but would prevent players from teaming up. But i am going to play devils advocate for a moment here. Lets be absolutely honest. If you are playing Poker and your sister, brother, friend, spouse etc decides to play with you can you TRUTHFULLY say you would not be tempted at moments not to go up against them and knock them out? I have played with friends and family members and there has been times we have had the competitive attitude with a philosophy of "may the best man win". But i admit there has been times i haven't knocked out my mom, sis or friend when given the opportunity. Its a tough thing to do sometimes. Of course i could say i don't want to play at your table but isn't that part of the fun playing with someone you know? I have been in those compromising positions and not always but i know there were times i should of been long gone and I've gotten a little help. Does it make any of us a bad person? I don't think so, instead i think its human nature. But at the end of the day do i think there should be some measures to prevent this from happening at Poker sites.........absolutely. And it's an easy fix if they placed players randomly at tables. Lips
  5. Sounds like a a private kinda of group getting together that is not open to the public. Those are sometimes the most fun! Can't wait to hear your poker stories.
  6. This is an incredible run you are having wow! You really deserve a pat on the back. It's more than luck, it shows you are a very skilled Poker player, congrats!
  7. Sounds like an awesome offer mago. Good luck to you!
  8. You sure are having great results mago :). Hope they get those bugs straightened out soon. Nothing can be more frustrating than a Poker site having issues and you are in the middle of a game! Gooooooooooooo mago goooooooooo!
  9. Zuga you had to feel completely vindicated to beat the fish! Those are the moments in Poker that are the best!
  10. Oh wow that sucks and ya know sometimes i can't help think that females get more pushed around in these tournaments. He prolly thought from the get go he could force you to fold and steal the pot. Little did he know you had rockets and ends up winning with his dumb luck. You get pat on the back for taking the first step to play in a live Poker tourney. I have yet to do one myself yet and have friends try to persuade me to give it a shot. Don't let it discourage you. You obviously know your Poker and this was just a horrible bad beat. I have a love/hate relationship with online Texas Hold'em Tournaments. It is moments like that i get so damn mad i end up asking myself why in the world do i let it get to me so much!
  11. Incredible run so far mago. I think this only proves if you are determined enough, play your cards right and keep leveled headed you can achieve your goal! Best of luck on your next tourney!
  12. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Keep it up and don't lose your cool mago! I want to see you at the final table!
  13. Oh i love to see them get their butts kicked! That's not like even playing Poker as far as i am concerned. Absolute donkeys!
  14. Awesome play! Didn't realize you were a poker player. Hope you have a lot more bluffing stories to share :)
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