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  1. Thank you but I'm unable to find the one for Americas cardroom.
  2. No can do but... <happy_valetines_day> Blu!!! @<3@ @<3<3<3@
  3. We here in the US can only hope!!! :)
  4. I wish the US could still play here,there are so many sites that we are not allowed to play at. :(
  5. Blu,I just tried it and it's working for me.
  6. Wow and a straight flush at that!!! Yikes,really bad luck,Sommi ! :(
  7. Hey Rose. Nice to see you around ;) [///] Had any bad beats recently?
  8. @Sommi @solorom...wow...really bad beats...I would have to take a break from poker for awhile. I realize...that's poker but it still sucks. :( Hello Blue,I hope all has been good for you. :)
  9. Thanks Blue and BTW...I sure miss our private poker tourneys, they were such fun and it was great to play against other members..even when I lost!!! LOL
  10. Thanks for the info Blue and I hope you are having a great week and are not too busy. :)
  11. I really need some new fingers or a new keyboard!!!! LOL
  12. :o What were they thinking ??? I kow that for those of us in the US it has become also impossible to deposit but for custoer service to say that...WOW!!!!
  13. Rosebud


    Very nice result bornlucky....congrats!!! :)
  14. Rosebud


    Very nicely done. :)
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