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  1. For the American players looking to in their way to the WSOP. Americas Cardroom has a $.50 qualifier to win one of 2 $12,000 seats to the main event. You wont find a much better deal than this, especially if youre and American player.
  2. According to their rep, another 10 or 15 minutes and they should be back and running. Supposed to be some cool stuff added like WSOP qualifiers for cheap and changes to the sit n crush jackpot
  3. On a side note, I just read that Hulk Hogan is going to star in the next Expendables movie. Sorry, i saw your avatar and couldnt help it. Cause watcha gonna do when Hulkamania rains down on you?
  4. If youa re trying to log in to Americas Cardroom or any of their other sites - Black Chip True Poker, they are running an update and the poker client is down. Technical support says it will be a few hours before the update is complete. Also, if you are trying to sign up for any poker room on the Latest Poker Bonuses site and experience problems with the link. Please post in here and I will pass on the information
  5. He is the only player to lose millions and still get sponsored and make millions by losing millions. It truly baffles me lol. I get he has a popularity online, and there will probably never be another one like him, but come on! Maybe hes found the secret to winning poker. Losing all your money actually makes you money. Im gonna print that in my next book lol
  6. Thats a shame. Carbon has been around for a long time. Tossing the affiliates is a shady move for sure, but sadly the affiliates get treated like dirt from many poker rooms and casinos. They do all the grunt work and make them millions, yet get the shaft time and time again.
  7. ohmesohrny

    Twitch TV

    we used to stream on Justin.TV. We would have home game tournaments on another forum and I would stream the game. It was mainly for the people on the forums, but it was fun and made us feel cool. But you have given me the idea to do it once again. Will let you know when it happens. Probably try it next week
  8. I also remember the Ultimate Bet promos. The ones where you could play poker in underwater, or in an ice hotel. Those were definitely unique.
  9. I was just reading about a promotion from a site called Swank Poker. They arent around anymore btw. They were actually founded by a porn film studio and had the craziest promotion Ive ever heard of. They were giving away the chance to star in a porno and even direct it! You had to earn 100,000 points or something to win this prize. I thought that was just insane and sad I never heard of it when it was around lol. What are some wierd promotions youve seen in poker?
  10. Winning your first big pot is kind of like your first time having sex or a first child. You remember forever. My first big win was a $90 tournament for 2nd place. It was on UB and for me at the time, it was a big deal. I was fresh in my poker career and when I placed 2nd I thought I was going to be the best ever lol. I found out very quickly just how wrong I was after losing all that money in about 20 minutes in a cash game. This was 15 years ago, but I still remember it clearly
  11. Very cool of them. They have a worldwide audience and should raise a good bit of money. Such a shame what happened. Its a poor country to begin with. Hopefully the Chinese will step in and do their part. Not to get all political, but they stole the country from them and forced many of the residents out. They should do their part.
  12. ohmesohrny

    Stat help

    Yes it is lol. Sorry, I didnt read the replies like I should have :( Is that a different way of saying..... I'm not being flippant here. It's a genuine question. [/quote
  13. ohmesohrny

    Stat help

    It looks like its telling you that you won $44 playing, but overall have lost $25. So basically your winnings from playing are $44, but you have spent much more bringing your total "net" winnings to a loss of $25. I probably overcomplicated it there, but I think makes sense
  14. I havent been updating this like I should be, so lets catch up on our blog readings. :) https://www.latestpokerbonuses.com/poker-blog/ohmesohrny/
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