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  1. I've never got too much into poker, but when I get an opportunity I like to watch Negreanu play.
  2. I really liked one of the commentators who was so openly irritated by the German player's move to ask for the time out having the pair of aces.....
  3. Markotik

    LCB poker Client

    That would be fun. I will surely enjoy following others as a spectator. :D Or this could be an opportunity to finally get hang of this game.
  4. I didn't hear the news. It's very sad; such an engaging character.
  5. Markotik


    During the brief time I tried playing poker, I didn't have any superstitions. But perhaps that was not strange since I was a beginner and I tried only to concentrate on a game.
  6. Banned? Such a shame, someone doesn't have any sense of humor. Great advertisements.
  7. Great videos Blue. I've just found out about this thread now. Amazing advertisements and I have to say that the second one is my favorite. I've seen the one with Nadal a few times before on TV.
  8. That would be great, can't wait to see how fast it is going to happen.
  9. Markotik


    Great result Paul, surely that wasn't easy. Congratulations!
  10. Markotik

    Let's grind NL 2

    Good luck Sommi. <:-P
  11. Markotik

    Chad Brown death

    Such sad news. :( and only 52... may he rest in peace.
  12. I am mostly freeroller. i still can't find enough time to dedicate myself to poker so I don't really have confidence to risk more, and play with my money.
  13. Extra Freerolls at Juicy Stakes (US friendly) Four extra freerolls worth $2,250 have been scheduled this week. Extra Freerolls: $500 Freeroll Special - April 29th, 3:00 PM EST $750 Freeroll Special - April 29th, 8:00 PM EST $500 Freeroll Special - May 1st, 7:00 PM EST $500 Freeroll Special - May 3rd, 4:00 PM EST
  14. I have to admit that it looks suspicious and you have a point. Unfortunately, I haven't played much lately but when was just starting I wasn't really paying attention to other players which was a mistake. I think I would also suspect that they are playing together because who knows how often that actually happens.
  15. I got 95... and I thought it was too high; I'm still pretty much clueless most of the time.
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