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  2. Poker rooms in California (some at least.) give tournament tickets as prizes for both satellites and other types of tournaments. That are often transferable. The reason being that. Players are more willing to play tournaments w/ cash + tickets or tickets alone. When they can sell the tickets to other people. More so if you win a $10,000 tournament ticket from a $250 buyin. Considering the jump in player skill level. Obviously host casino would prefer giving tournament tickets as part or all of payout. Since it's guaranteed money put into future events. Plus the money remains at the casino.
  3. I believe ACR has the largest US player base and would likely get the the most players. Also, many players see a freeroll there and will sign up with the site hosting it. Intertops/juicy stakes is great but has small player pool. This is my favorite software for both poker and casino. These are the only ones I would recommend for you to host a freeroll at.
  4. I am with you there. At the very least there would have to be people very close by that visited every day. All alone though, there is no might. I would definitely go bat sh@# crazy
  5. You are correct, but it's a good thing for the players. Intertops to my knowledge, Has never had any issue with payouts. Great deals and timely payouts.... Can you ask for anything else???
  6. The chip in the card can be compromised even easier. There is a hack where they can use a smart phone have the program running with the phone in a pocket, purse or whatever. They simply have to walk within a certain range of your card and they snag your info. Like searching for a wifi connection. The reason why credit / debit crime is so common is that the card company's make money off of it. Anytime there is a fraudulent charge, the business that processed the transaction automatically gets stuck with the bill. They say that the business failed to do proper security checks. Didn't check I.D. or whatever the case may be. Sometimes they even profit more by additionally holding the card owner partially or entirely responsible for the fraudulent charges. I'm not sure exactly why, but not everyone just gets all (in extremely rare cases people don't even get any) of the money back. After having a card compromised. So you can see why this crime is so common and not much is done about it. I strongly suggest that anyone doing online transactions use a prepaid card or an e-wallet of some kind. One that you keep no balance on and that you can easily add money to. When it comes time to make a purchase, you just transfer the money over. That way if the account is ever compromised, the most you can loose is only the amount of that single transaction. To get that, the thieves will either have to work really hard or get really lucky. To get only a little bit of money.
  7. If you are playing in instant play, maybe try the download casino or the other way around. Otherwise I would say that you are missing an update. Flash player, Java, Firefox or whatever browser you are using.
  8. I've been through a good amount of pages on this thread and I was wondering.... Where do I find the specifics on each different reward item? Some of the casino bonuses show the requirements, but what about the rest? If I want an Amazon $50, do I have to have an Amazon account? Is it a card sent to me in the mail or is it just a voucher I redeem on the site? Same questions for Paypal and Bitcoin too. Are Neteller and Skrill still not options for U.S. players, if they are options how do I set up an account? I'm sorry if this information is available, I thought I remembered it being posted somewhere before. I have been looking for a few days now and can't find it. I'm afraid to click on an option and loose the LCB chips if it turns out I can't use. Please help. No matter what though, I would like to thank LCB for having this program. It's a great idea.
  9. WOW THE TOP PRIZE? ?! !! ;) ;) :) :) I don't think I've won the top prize in anything before, other than in a poker or a slot tournament. THANKS SO MUCH LCB!! I've been around here on the forum for a decent amount of time. There is a reason why I still come back, LCB and all it's members are GREAT!
  10. I was wondering if this issue was ever resolved and if it was, what was the outcome?
  11. I like to see everything personally, I've never been with someone I didn't want to see with the lights on. The thing is though.... Is most bedrooms have windows and not all windows have blinds that aren't see through. Especially when it's dark outside and it's a well lit room. Sheer drapes, from the inside for instance. Can give the impression that no one can see in. This of course, is usually something noticed after it's too late. During the day, even if lights are on. You can't usually see in a window very easily and if you can. You can usually see out to notice that someone is looking in your window. At night however, you can't usually see if like... The mailman or I don't know... Family stops by and your bedroom window is right next to the front door of your house.... Yeah.... I like to see everything, very much so. At night however, dim lighting or dark seems to be necessary.
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