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    My poker blog

    Or not...
  2. Poker rooms in California (some at least.) give tournament tickets as prizes for both satellites and other types of tournaments. That are often transferable. The reason being that. Players are more willing to play tournaments w/ cash + tickets or tickets alone. When they can sell the tickets to other people. More so if you win a $10,000 tournament ticket from a $250 buyin. Considering the jump in player skill level. Obviously host casino would prefer giving tournament tickets as part or all of payout. Since it's guaranteed money put into future events. Plus the money remains at the casino.
  3. I believe ACR has the largest US player base and would likely get the the most players. Also, many players see a freeroll there and will sign up with the site hosting it. Intertops/juicy stakes is great but has small player pool. This is my favorite software for both poker and casino. These are the only ones I would recommend for you to host a freeroll at.
  4. You are correct, but it's a good thing for the players. Intertops to my knowledge, Has never had any issue with payouts. Great deals and timely payouts.... Can you ask for anything else???
  5. orren

    Insane poker videos

    What I hate the most about playing hands like that, is that you had to show your cards. It's not so bad when you play a lame hand for way too many chips when you take down the hand.
  6. How difficult is it to setup a Bitcoin account to use for these poker sites?
  7. What is 6 Card Omaha and how far out of the loop am I for having to ask?
  8. If you are still a profitable player while you deal with this issue, I would highly recommend you stop playing and be a coach / teacher instead. I would imagine it being much easier on you. The way I figure, for the most part. Coaching is what people do when they know how to win, but either lack the physical ability or the discipline to be able to do so themselves. Unless of course you make enough playing that it is worth the frustration.....
  9. orren


    It was only a freeroll, but yesterday I took down quads with a straight flush. Other player had me out stacked by 2x-3x so it was not like he was knocked out or even crippled. Killer was that his quads were made by only one of his hole cards. So the card that gave him trips on the turn also made my straight flush so he never even thought it possible to get beat. When the river came to be the 3rd Jack on the board, I only bet half my remaining stack figuring he'd put me on a low end full house. He shoved instantly and took a few seconds to figure out how he lost. That's the sort of thing that can happen when you play J4os even if you're on the button with the big stack though. Just lucky we were not playing for cash. A good lesson to learn from a freeroll.
  10. orren


    Great job Zuga. Some time back I satellited into at $109 tournament from a freeroll on Lock when it was part of the revolution ntwk still. It was for the big Sunday tourny. Near the end of open registration period I was looking damn good in 20th place. The big money was in sight (think it was $100k guaranteed payout)..... Then....... It started to happen....... I started lagging out and getting sat out. Tried logging out and then back in but I could not even get my table to load entirely. To quit dragging it out... The whole friggin network crashed on me. On the server end. For 3 hours I was getting more and more irritated with no cash awarded to my account. Thinking that I would get nothing since I had freerolled my way in and since tournament got cancelled they refund buy in with whatever other T&C's... In the end I was credited something like $245. Nothing near what I would have received if it had not crashed, but at least I did not get the shaft yo. There is definite potential to win some decent cash though. GL
  11. Sorry to hear about your bird hun, never easy loosing a good friend....
  12. As much as I don't like it (playing textbook poker) you are absolutely correct. Thank you for returning us to the fundamentals of winning poker after we steer each other off track. I am a bit surprised though, if you can''t tell us the correct play for this hand. Could you show us how to figure it out ourselves or where we can find out what the correct play was?
  13. I agree with the fold. Odds or not 7 2 is the worst hand in the game. I would have needed a bigger stack to make that call and I would still consider it being reckless yo.
  14. Must agree with betting the flop rather than checking
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