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  1. A big dislike for tonight referee Bayern was obviously much better Cant believe they can arange things at this level Very disapointed for tonight
  2. bacause gave me energy for no limit winnings LOL $$ <:-P
  3. i listen this because is about fight and winners
  4. You Know the Feeling: The only time you hear an old lady swearing is when another player calls *BINGO*
  5. 2016 no was more different than other years for me for 2017 i hope things will go better in my country if not i.m decided to move but first i hope hit a jackpot to not be stressed after moving and until i have a job health for all.power for work and much happiness 8)
  6. cica001

    Twitch Player

    Evan 'Gripsed' Jarvis but unfortunatly didnt watch from long time
  7. i am thankful i still have a good health at 40 years and i never was so ill to stay in hospital in rest i am confused about things happend in my life i thought if i go older i will be more wise but is not my case :-[ and thankful my daughter have good results at school and thankful my partner not cheat me with other womens,i guess he is too shy dont know or afraid of me >:(
  8. i had a few moments when i would try play live,i won one time a ticket to Las Vegas but i didnt go i not dare to play live, :-[ only online i play poker and casino to win money otherwise i no like play games online if no was for money i consider is waste of time in special for kids candy crush,league of legend or other silly games
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