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  1. 10 4 offsuit.....so then if i win i get to say "TEN-FOUR good buddy"
  2. how come they only give .20 cents for first place?? how many players are in the tourney??
  3. tony g is a giant ahole but a great player, jamie gold is just a stooge
  4. I have played at pokerstars fro play money for years...the "odds" of hitting a four outter or less is absolutely routine and i play accordingly...the odds appear to be very rigged so even if you play hands you never should be playing...a miracle will come on the river every time.....i have heard it is so people will think they are good and try real money but that is probably urban legend.....i know the probability of hands very well and the "probability" scale seems way off...over and over
  5. on real money tables, the real bullies would be those who could afford to lose alot more at much higher stakes tables but choose to "mess" with smaller stake players for sport....it is twisted but i am sure it happens all the time. the reason they dont play good poker is because they are not at the appropriate stakes table for their skill or bankroll.......it is an ego trip.....it is about the only enjoyment i can get out of playing for free chips, especially smashing clowns who like to talk crap...other than that you just have 20 million little fake green plastic chips
  6. well i play that free poker just so i dont gamble with the casinos so i dont know if any of my tactics would work for real money.....i bet aggressive and irrattic so the other players are always still confused from the last hand. i routinely weigh the odds of my draw hands versus how much damage i can do to the other players stack when i think they already have a good hand....so one out of four times if i hit my hand, they will go all in and get smashed lol.......table bullys are aholes ahhahahahah
  7. i only play on pokerstars for free chips and this is the role i end up playing on every session...i end up with 3 or 4 hundred K and everyone else is just rebuying at 15 to 40K and i just big stack em lol
  8. dabigdog


    he obviously didnt think you had two pair becasue you would have had to have some really crappy starting cards..we will have to just agree to disagree....there still may have been a donk in the hand though......LOL
  9. dabigdog


    im not sure if i am reading this correctly...but the guy who won started out with pocket tens? correct....he thought he was ahead in the hand the whole time.....i dont think he was a DONK as you called him ....should he have folded?? it was a bad loss but i am curious to hear what you think he should have done if he wasnt a DONK just1million?
  10. wow that was a crazy fold with quad eights...i would have thought he had jacks or pocket kings maybe...i would have been busted out with my eights though because unless there is 4 to the strt flush showing, there is only one possible two card hand that can be a winner.....he probably was bluffing lol
  11. the sad thing is that the stooge probably thinks he/she did good and made a superior play...........lol....go figure
  12. i agree with medtrans and blue, at some point your gonna have to jump off a bridge and hope there is water on the other side.....pocket fives is probably better than the all-in stooge......but i bet if you did lose this hand it was from the bigblind who also called after two players had committed the leap and as blue said...he/she had a big hand. i hope you hit a set!
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