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  1. You still have 50BB, so there is no need to do crazy things. How is the payout structure? How big is your stack compared to the average stack? And if you want to play a hand, don't just call, reraise.
  2. Fold. You have just one pair in a multiway pot and a board that allows both a straight (unlikely) and a flush. As opponent plays it, there is a good chance he has the flush.
  3. This is clearly an advice for blackjack, not for poker.
  4. Opponent represents the 7 here, and his story makes some sense. Without a history we have to fold here. But was it necessary to bet that big (12k in a 15k pot) on the turn? We build a pot here with not that much of a hand.
  5. Without stack sizes, average stack, payout structure this is a bit difficult to judge. But actually, i don't like that play. Yes, ATs will be ahead of BBs range, but only like 60/40.
  6. We have to call here after we hit the 5, but it looks a lot like he has a good ace. If you want to raise the flop, RAISE. The minraise will do nothing
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