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  1. Hi I have a Ticket for sale to SPS (Solverde Poker Season) Main Event in December / 2019 for sale Location of the Tournament: Espinho - Portugal Buy in (to who wants to enter normal way): 500€ Date: Price of the ticket: €450. ticket was won in another tournament in March of 2019 where the prize instead of money was the ticket to December Tournament, however, due to professional reasons, i will not be able to go there Tournament Date: 9 - 15th December 2019. Total Prize Pool: 100k + € Prize to the 1st Place: 30k + € If someone interested please contact me by PM, email or comment. price is not negotiable. I do not accept exchanges. anyone sending a message, email or commenting on the post trying to negotiate the price or exchange for something will be ignored. obs: i am not intending do anything that may be considered against the forum rules, is just an offer to see if someone is interested in do it since exist here many players from many different locations.
  2. http://www.latestcasinobonuses.com/onlinecasinobonusforum/profile/?u=112452
  3. bruno234

    Vera&John Coins

    you also neither??? i didnt got them too
  4. bruno234

    Vera&John Coins

    rated, rate my too, link is just few posts above in this page, only to dont make duplciated post
  5. bruno234

    Vera&John Coins

    only need 2 more, please rate, is alerady posted above
  6. bruno234

    Vera&John Coins

    i rated again but i think that neither you neither me earn extra by double rate im not 100% sure but i think only 1 rate
  7. bruno234

    Vera&John Coins

    need only 3 more rates to have it please rate https://www.verajohn.com/pt/room/oporto-slots.171842
  8. yes, but by doing it, even if dont stays totally solved, lose you dont lose anything and you dont pay anything to do it. already have passed more than the 14 days. authority´s will investigate, and, does not mean that will happen but is not impossible, they´re listed on london stock exchange, if there´s too much things enrolled WH can lose a lot of money with that, only if that happens of course..... if nothing change, at least is another try to get your money, you dont pay nothing to do it at all
  9. still nothing? incridible have you tried to contact http://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/Contact-us/Contact-us.aspx ? they are uk licensed
  10. welcome to the forum tom me, about dr vegas, what i have to say, played the 20 free spins, made there 2 deposits, no problem at all, the only "no positive" thing i have to say about there is: i had too bad playtime, lost all balance with just few spins
  11. it can be good or you may not like it, so what i recomend is, READ VERY WELL the T&C´s of it. to release the winings you have to deposit. good part is, if you win the max (usually is 100) you can deposit 20 and play with 120 so its a good bonus but still have some specific T&C´s that some players dont like it, so what i recomend is read before do it
  12. i did not played at this specific casino, but the "free spins - deposit to get your winings" happens a lot in many casinos powered by rtg
  13. it was me saying i said by own experience, i always do that, if lose the 50, i simply dont login until receive my money my own opinion in what i do is: deposited $30 per example, balance reached 300 or 400, but you still want play... cash out 350 play with the 50, if cashout again? BETTER...... if not, not so angry, lost the 50 but still have the rest to receive and will not touch it, lost the 50, maybe luck had changed, so let me be without touch on it
  14. bruno234

    Vera&John Coins

    Please send a link to your room, Bruno, I tried to rate your room from link you posted before and got "page not found". the linke that appers in my browser is this: https://www.verajohn.com/pt/room/edit/oporto-slots.171842
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