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  1. AMC Pacer satellite freeroll Omaha HiLo NL buy-in: $0 Date: Tuesday, Dec 3rd 2018 starts at: 11:05 am Eastern at Intertops Poker
  2. Well folks, you've had quite a few days to "find your way around" the updated LPB. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it and of course, if you've found any bugs.
  3. Thanks both for the suggestions. We need to get numbers up too. No point in having a freeroll if only 3 people turn up! So....more suggestions (or agreement with current suggestions) and more people interested please.
  4. Thanks orren for the info. I was under the impression that if a person won a ticket in a satellite, the ticket had their name on it (not in the literal sense of course).
  5. Hey everyone including non USA - where would be the best USA site to get a freeroll for LPB? Please don't post links - just the name of the USA accepting site.
  6. Can you really sell on a ticket that you won? Surely it would have your name on it?
  7. I wonder what he did with his winnings? Zuga if you get a moment to read this, please let us all know what you did with all that lovely dosh.
  8. Update on this fab game at PokerStars - they are currently offering the chance to win $3 million for a $40 buy in on their Spin & Go games. However, the probability of this is very low - 1 in 20,000,000! $100,000 for each runner up.
  9. To save time hunting for this....here is the big win Zuga was talking about during the live twitch stream tonight
  10. @InstaSKR - I'm guessing you didn't read what both Zuga and myself wrote. You have broken the rules too many times for it to be ignored. Markotik will be writing to you shortly.
  11. Please all adhere to these rules. Cash will be removed and posts will be merged if you don't follow the rules. If members continue to break the rules, shop restrictions will be placed on you.
  12. If I could get some small prizes for home game tourney winners to spend in the shop, would anyone be interested in a home game or two? Please let me know.
  13. @InstaSKR. Please be more careful and don't post tournaments that have already been posted. 20c removed.
  14. @InstaSKR - please ensure you put the correct time for the tournaments. There's little point in letting us know about them if you're going to put the wrong time.
  15. Very true and even if they aren't better than you, they can give off an attitude that makes you think they are better than you!
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