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  • So i come to find , poker hasn't taken a really big hit as of yet in USA . Sure Cereus network was hit badly , and some sites have gotten scared and closed up possibly. But i'd like to hear from you guys about where you would firstly suggest a new player to learn poker at , secondly where to freeroll, and third where to be serious and deposit .

    Basically looking at my poker folder on my pc , i have 4 categories that i frequent according to the network the site uses.


    I have one folder for Merge , consisting of Carbon Poker , Oddsmaker Poker, and Players Only . Of these of course you can only log into one of these at a time.

    Another folder is for Cake software, which is All In Poker, Cake Poker , and now version 2.0 Intertops Poker.

    The next folder i have is for the newer Integrity-like as i call software , whish is Luvin Poker and Playpoker77.

    And finally the miscellaneous ones i have are 5Dimes, Betsharks, Bodog, and the mere entertaining NLOP.

    Now for these these groups can be runsimultaneously so ya know.



  • As far as learning poker , a very good site for that would definately be NLOP, as i have found.

    Freerolling well all 4 of these categories of poker software/networks offer differing schedules and terms. But i can tell ya that on Merge the size of the freerolls are in the thousands of seats. The Integrity are fast furious and can be both entertaining and frustrating, But here they do have pay in tourneys as low as a penny buy in.

    Now for depositing i'd have to leave that to you , but i can tell ya , it isn't as easy as it used to be and fewer options are available . But of all these listed there definately are options for USA players still.

  • Seems Merge "may" be going to allow US players soon - I guess we will  just wait and see on that one.


    There's so much to consder when choosing the right site.but when you are limited as USA are, it makes it a tricky thing to do. 


    I did ask the question before ("after the big four where will you play") but now that the dust has settled, it will be interesting to hear where players went.




  • If you look on the list of poker sites at another site there are tons and tons of places to play.  Don't know how many don't accept US players, though, or have a clue as to which ones are any good.

  • I've been playing at AWH,FeltStars and Carbon poker mostly[.I miss PokerStars and FullTilt but at least I can still get my game on !! :D LOL/color]

  • Cake Poker and Intertops are recommended as the top 2 USA friendly sites.



  • you should def. check out cake poker network, they still accept US-players as you know. Poker Player Café for example is a relatively new skin there and they offer a huge $10,000 bonus, but it´s only til tommorow or thursday iirc.


    here´s a link if you wanna try it out : Pokerplayerscafe


    after all, merge has become really grinder-infested and they don´t offer rakeback anymore, so cake is the better choice imho, games are way softer over there. i read somewhere that they now even allow the use of a  HUD (only PT3 though)


    let´s hope the US-gov. gets some sort of regulation going so you guys can play again :)

  • Grumpy thanks for the response but i don't wish to follow the link i will search it from my locale.. it isn't you personally but i have a standard about following unknown links.

  • no offense taken :D, read my edit ;)

  • thats a good site Grumpy. I've played in the weekend freerolls several times and they do pay.

  • of course they pay ;) nice to hear that you like it.....when i´m done with my staking over at stars, i might move over there too :)

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