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  • Did you play?  I couldn't make it I'm afraid.

  • Hey blueday, yeah I played in the game this past weekend and managed to win it, the game didn't last very long lol. Was it just for fun or was there any prize? Let me know when you host another.

  • MTCash i why do you think i was all in all, at many times there is no prize set yet for the fun game because we are few poeple

  • Ok that makes sense, would have been more fun if you guys tried though. Hopefully blueday can make the next game! Thanks for hosting, I will play again when there is a game.

  • yeah it's just fun games to get the numbers up to start with.

    Anyone fancy a game on Sunday (play money)?

  • Nobody fancy a game tomorrow?  I can set it up right now if anyone is interested.

  • Hi blueday, I am willing to play again whenever you want to set one up, I will keep my eyes open if any home games pop up I will be sure to register.

  • Thanks MTCash - if anyone wants one today...let me know!


    i'll check in on here later and set it up if there are at least 4 members.

  • Hi again blueday i was waiting for our weekly game but i didn t received any email for it from pokerstars. I am always ready for poker game.

  • Yeah I'm not getting responses on here.  I'll set one up for tonight and see what happens.  let's hope we get at least 4 others.



    Game set up for 8pm WET

  • Hi blueday, I log into Pokerstars almost daily, I try to check for new home games pretty frequently so I will keep my eyes open for anytime you create a game.

  • I sort of knew that this would happen.  I set a game up....nobody cancelled.  That's how it was last time.


    I'm going to set a repeating game up for Sunday nights at 8pm WET if anyone is interested - play money again.  I can't ask for shop prizes if nobody turns up so until we get some regulars turning up every week, nothing can happen on the "shop prize" front


    I'll wait to see what happens......


    Hi blueday, I log into Pokerstars almost daily, I try to check for new home games pretty frequently so I will keep my eyes open for anytime you create a game.


    Cool.  I'll log in now and set up these games.

  • Damn !! I registered on the tournament but i forgot about it. I would like to do something for the poker forum so it can work again. I think to have more poeple on this games you should set a prize not a free prizepool. My suggestions :  -Option 1 : 1$ free dollar on pokerstars for the winner and a bit more for the monthly best overall results.

                                -Option 2 : 3 tournaments/ week at different times and a monthly leaderboard with prizes

    I also suggest a blog contest where poeple can share their proggression and set their goals. We need a better content in forum and poker section i m sure there is a lot of money to win for lpb but it something should be done as having more affiliate rooms and maybe setting a 100$/50$ freeroll for tracked members who opened an account through lpb you will win also from affiating poeple and rake races.

  • Yeah it's all very well offering cash prizes but if we can't get the numbers, then it's just not worth it.  I did offer cash prizes before ($5 to the winner of the tournament along with the buy in prizes) and only me and one other player turned up.  Needless to say he was a darn good player and whooped my butt.

  • If I could get some small prizes for home game tourney winners to spend in the shop, would anyone be interested in a home game or two?


    Please let me know.


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