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  • I have  67 K playmoney xD



  • I've set up a $20k play money tourney for Sunday 18th March at 21:00 GMT / 22:00 CET.  Registration is open.

  • I do have more than 20k of play money already, thanks!

  • Hello, I applied to the home game club :) Thank you for hosting.

  • So we have 5 registered so far....a few more would be nice!  It starts in 3 hours.


    Hello, I applied to the home game club :) Thank you for hosting.


    Thanks - added you and welcome to LPB

  • Thanks to all those that turned up for the game - much appreciated.  We definitely need more!  Was good fun though.

  • I m very happy for taking part to this funny tournament and i m very happy to win the first edition.

  • Thanks for adding me, I was too late to join the game but I will play in the next one :).

  • I really wanted to play but i fell asleep congrats to the winners!

  • I wanted to play and i forgot. hopefully there will be more .  :)

  • Well done Kais ben rachid for winning.


    We do need more games and players.  We need to build up the numbers before I'm prepared to give out prizes.  Gather your play money chips ready for the next game which will be announced in the next day or so.  You'll need $20k for the play money tourney.



  • Thank you for your answer blueday. I m ready for the next tournament... For the other members please join the tournament so we can enjoy a nice sunday evening together.

  • I'm registered for the next poker game , Thanks and Good Luck!

  • Take to the club.My nickname on PokerStars Funtik692

  • Thanks Kerob.  I've added you.


    As some of you have seen, I've created another tourney to take place on Sunday at 20:00 WET - another $20k play money tourney. 

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