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  • If anyone hears of cheap poker tourneys, please post them in this thread. 


    I'll start it off!  ;D


    Poker Stars (USA OK) are offering really cheap multi table tourneys with a buy in of 2c.  Yes 2c!


    990 players max, top prize is $4.40 and the top 50 places pay.  


    You can find them in the lobby under "SitnGo" > Multitable.



  • Poker Time are offering $0.09 +1c tourneys.


    Either 2, 5 or 6 seater called "Micro sitngo" and you can find these in the lobby under SitnGo > Single table > Less than $2.50.



  • 25 points will buy you into the Bounty Hunter satellte.  First to 5th will win Entry to the £5k Bounty Hunter tournament.


    Cheap sitngos:


    25p + 5p 6 seater sitngos at SkyPoker.


    You can play either Double your money where the top 3 players will double their stake to 50p or the normal and turbo sitngo tourneys where the top 2 players are paid.



  • Great idea blue thanks for the low budget tourneys!


    Here is one i play at often at Full Tilt Poker:


    .10 poker tourney daily at 17:35 with a $1000 guaranteed prize pool. Rebuys are .50 each.


    Good luck,


  • Americas Cardroom (USA OK)  have what they call "loose change" tourneys.


    You can buy in for as little 5c +1c with rebuys and addons.  


    The tourneys run every Saturday at 5pm (ET) /10pm BST (gmt+1)





  • Feltstars (USA OK) are running "The Sixth Cent" tournaments.


    Buy-in is 5c + 1c and you are allowed 1 rebuy for 5c (2000 chips).  The max players is 3000. 


    These tourneys seem to run once per day at 20.10 server time.  Registration opens 4 hours before.  Server time is -1 ET / -6 BST so I make that 15.10 E/T / 20.10 BST registration opens.  Registration closes/game starts at 19.10 ET /  02.10 a.m. BST

  • Full Tilt are holding a $0 +10c Rush (Patent Pending) Tourney on 12th July.


    Payout is guaranteed at $1,000 with unlimited rebuys at 50c.  The Tourney is called the "Rush Guar" and is open for registration now.  It's filling up fast with a maximum of 5,000 seats.


    This is a great opportunity to experience the Rush game for a very small buyin of 10c.  The tourney starts at 15.35 ET / 20:35 BST (GMT+1).  Find the tournament in the lobby under Tournaments > cash > holdem > no limit.


    I don't have info on how often these tournaments ar held.



  • For Omaha fans, Poker Stars hold continuous 240 seater multi-table sitngo's.


    The pot limit omaha turbo games are a cheap $0.10c to buy in and the top prize is $5.50.  Top 24 places get paid.  6 seats per table.


    You can find them under Multi-table > SitnGo.



  • REEFER POKER:  Has low budget tourneys sheduled often with up to ten seat for players.


    perkypoo 8)

  • Victor Chandler (NO USA) are running 10c Jackpot Sitngo's.  Win 5 consecutive tournaments and you will win a ticket valued at €180 to enter the Irish Winter Festival 2010.


    These sitngos can be found under Sitngo> 10c Jackpot Sitngo


    Free 10c sitngos running (new players only) - You can find these under Sitngo>10 Cent Giveaways.


    Also available are 1c rebuy speed tournaments.  Rebuy unlimited times within first 6 levels and also 1 add-on.  Next tournament will be at 19.35 BST.  I assume these run daily.


    10c rebuys are also available along with 25c freezeout tournaments.


    You can find these rebuy tournaments under Scheduled>All (click on buy in twice to bring the cheap games to the top)



  • Satellite to the Big Little Tournament on 26th September at Full Tilt running now with just 5 poker points buy in. 180 seats - top 2 gain free entry.  Normal buy in for the Big Little Tournament is $2 + 20c.



  • Win a seat to the $50K Challenge, 3D laptops, iPads & more cosmic prizes at the ‘BIG 8¢’ tourneys with just an 8¢ Buy-in.


    You can find these tournaments at Pacific Poker (NO USA)



  • At 365Bonitas, you can play 11c tourneys but they are only 2 player.  Still worth a look!



  • PKR (NO USA) offer 12c Beginner Level 1 tournaments.  The only requirement is that you have never made a deposit or you made your first deposit in the last 60 days.


    Also available are 30c Beginner Level 2 tables - same conditions as above.


    If you've won some money in a freeroll or you just made your first deposit, this is a great way to learn the game or try out cash games without breaking the bank.




  • PokerStars are offering 25c 45seater sitngos. 


    Top prize is $3.52 and top 7 players get paid.



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