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  • In this thread I'll be posting some of the guaranteed tournaments that are available to you.  If you come across a guaranteed tourney not shown, please feel free to post in this thread.  (For Omaha guaranteed tournaments click here)


    Here is the first one:


    $200,000 Guaranteed


    Riva Poker NONUSgambleonline.png


    Each Sunday evening, Riva Poker offers you the chance to win $200,000 in an amazing tournament! No matter how many players there are, the jackpot is guaranteed every week. Don't wait any longer, it would be a shame to miss this great opportunity: $200,000 is at stake!


    To take part, you can register directly for $200+$15 or qualify via one of their many satellite tournaments from as little as $5 +0.50.



  • $750,000 Guaranteed


    PokerStars NONUSgambleonline.png


    If you’re looking to kick off your Sunday with a major online poker tournament, the $750,000 guaranteed Sunday Warm-Up is the perfect way to get an early start on PokerStars biggest tournament day of the week. With a buy-in of $215 and first place prize money regularly more than $100,000, it’s no surprise that the Sunday Warm-Up attracts the best names in the game every week.


    They host hundreds of satellite tournaments in the week leading up to each Sunday Warm-Up, giving you the chance to win your seat and compete against other players from around the world for one of the largest prize pools anywhere online. The Sunday Warm-Up starts every Sunday at 13:00 ET (19:00 CET), making it perfect for players from Europe, or those looking to take down a big score before making their play in the Sunday Million.


    Satellites are running if you don't want to pay $215 to join this tournament.  Just search for Sunday Warm Up in the lobby.

  • $1,000,000 Guaranteed


    PokerStars NONUSgambleonline.png


    The Turbo Takedown $1million guaranteed.  

    When: 15:30 ET, last Sunday of every month

    Prizes: $1,000,000 prize pool, Audi TT for the winner, cash bonuses and pro player bounties

    Buy-in: 3,000 FPPs with satellites running around the clock

    Where: 'Tourney' & 'Special'.

  • $50,000 Guaranteed


    Feltstars USgamblegonline.png


    While a guaranteed in namesake, the massive weekly $50,000 tournament is free to enter for many players through the point's system.


    This essentially makes the tournament a freeroll and gives players a chance at up to $200,000 a month in cash prizes all for free. You can also satellite up to this tournament for as little as 110 VIP points through smaller satellite tournaments.


    When:  Sunday at 15:00 ( Time)

    Entry:    $100 + $9 or Coupon or VIP points

  • $200,000 Guaranteed


    Ultimate Bet NONUSgambleonline.png


    Ultimate Bet hold a big event every Sunday which pays out $200,000 in cash guaranteed!


    Win your way to this Sunday's HUGE tournament for as little as $5.50.


    It all starts at 4:00 PM EST.


    Beat a Pro. Fill your Account.


    Take down a pro and you'll walk away with more than just a great story. They'll also give you $215 to use any way you like. To find out which pros qualify, visit the Team UB page.


    When: Every Sunday at 4pm EST

    Entry:  $200 + $15 direct buy in.



  • $100,000 Guranteed


    Bodog Poker USgamblegonline.png


    Bodog's biggest and longest running tournament happens every Sunday afternoon with a guaranteed prize pool of at least $100,000!


    Qualify for the $100K Guaranteed for as little as $1!


    When: Every Sunday at 4pm ET

    Entry:  $150 + $12 direct buy in.

  • $25,000 Guaranteed


    AdamevePoker USgamblegonline.png


    Guaranteed prize money in this tournament at AdamevePoker is $25,000 each Sunday! With buy-ins from as little as $1 (satellite) up to $150 + $12 (direct buy in).  This tournament starts at 10pm GMT/5pm ET


    $15,000 Guaranteed


    Guaranteed at $15,000, with buyins from as little as $1 (satellite) up to $100 + $9 (direct buy in).


    This tournament starts at 8pm GMT/3pm ET every Sunday.


    Check the lobby for daily guarantees from $700 up to $3,000



  • $100,000 Guaranteed


    Feltstars USgamblegonline.png

    Pro Bounty Poker Promotion


    Join them the third Wednesday of every month at 19:30 FeltStars Server Time for the $100,000 FeltStars PRO BOUNTY. That's right, if you can knock out all 4 of the competing FeltStars team pros, in the same tournament, you will win $100,000. The buy-in for this event is $5+$.50. Come join the fun and get your chance at $100,000 and beat the FeltStars team pros. Along with the added bounties there will be a huge prize pool up for grabs.

  • $1,000,000 Guaranteed and $300,000 Guaranteed (alternates each week)


    Full Tilt Poker NONUSgambleonline.png


    $1K Monday


    Beginning at 21:00 ET every Monday, the $1K Monday alternates between a $1,000,000 guarantee Multi-Entry Tournament and a $300,000 guarantee regular tournament. Buy in directly to either tournament for $1,000 + $60, or earn your shot through the satellite tournaments.


    The $1K Monday Million gives you multiple shots at $1,000,000 in guaranteed prize money.


    Featuring their exclusive Multi-Entry Tournament format, the tournament allows you to enter up to four times. Each of your entries will be given its own 5,000-chip stack and be dealt its own hand. Register multiple times from the start, or use additional entries as a “second life” if your first entry gets busted before the late registration period closes.


    The $1K Monday features a guaranteed prize pool of $300,000. Each player begins the tournament with a 5,000-chip stack, ensuring there’s lots of action before the big cash prizes are paid out.


    Buy in directly for $1,000 + $60 to either tournament, or win your seat in one of the satellite tournaments.  


  • The Masters - $100,000 guaranteed


    PKR NONUSgambleonline.png


    Take on their biggest guaranteed prizepool every month for a minimum first prize of $25,000 and the title of 'PKR Masters Champion'. Every Masters final table is broadcast to over 100 million homes on PKR.TV with hole-cards revealed. This makes it the ultimate chance of fame and fortune!


    Buy in direct for $270 or qualify in satellite tournaments starting from under $2. Check the tournament schedule for more details.

  • $200,000 Guaranteed


    Winner Poker NONUSgambleonline.png


    EVERY SUNDAY they are giving away $200,000 in Guaranteed Prizes!


    You can buy-in on Sunday at 19:00 GMT + 1 (BST) directly for $200 + $15 or win your seat at one of their ongoing satellite tournaments starting as low as $0.16.


    Play in the $200,000 Guaranteed but fail to finish in the money and you will receive entry to an exclusive $200,000 Second Chance Freeroll with $5,000 in guaranteed prizes, staged Mondays at 19:00 GMT + 1 (BST). You can find this tournament in the software as the $200,000 Second Chance $5k FR



  • €100,000 Guaranteed


    32Red Poker NONUSgambleonline.png


    The €100,000 Guaranteed Tournament runs every Sunday at 7pm (UK time). The tournament is played on the popular game of no-limit Texas Hold'em and offers 2000 starting chips, 15 minute blind levels, 20 seconds response time and a 120-second time bank for those all important decisions!


    You can buy in directly to the tournament for €100 + €10 but there are plenty of cheap qualifying tournaments available throughout the week. Re-buys and late-registrations are allowed during the first hour and all entrants are given the option to add-on after the first tournament break. For those of you that prefer to get a head-start on the rest of the pack, there is a double buy-in feature available upon registration.


    Date & time: Sundays at 7pm (UK time)

    Prize pool: €100,000 Guaranteed

    Buy-in €100 + €10 or equivalent in Redbacks

    Game type: No-limit Texas Hold'em

    Game details: 20-second response time, 120-second time bank

    Rebuys / addons: 1 hour of re-buys, plus add-on

    Chips & blinds: 2000 starting chips, 15 minute blind levels

    Late Registration: 1 hour late-registration period



  • $200,000 Guaranteed


    William Hill Poker NONUSgambleonline.png


    Does a huge $200,000 tournament each and every week sound good to you? If so, read on and see how you can win your share with a buy-in from as little as $3.50.


    And even if you don't cash in the tournament, you automatically gain entry into the weekly 'Second Chance' Freeroll!


    Join them each and every Sunday night at 19:00 (UK time) and see if you can end your week with a huge stack of cash in the Weekly $200,000 Freezeout tournament.


    Feeder satellites take place all week, from Monday to Sunday, for as little as $3.50 + $0.30. This is fantastic value when you consider the huge potential payouts.


    If you fancy guaranteeing your seat at this superb weekly event, you can buy-in directly for just $200 + $15.


    To play in this tournament, click the TOURNAMENTS tab in the Poker Lobby. Register to play by selecting the $200,000 Guaranteed tournament.


    Players who don't finish in the money in the Sunday $200,000 guaranteed are eligible to a second chance freeroll with a guaranteed prize of $5,000, every Monday at 19:00GMT!

  • Crazy Poker NONUSgambleonline.png


    €500,000 Guaranteed


    The huge €500K Diamond Freezeout will be run on the 24th of April and quarterly thereafter. The Buy-in is €300 + 20. Play for the biggest and best tourney rewards!


    €200,000 Guaranteed


    The Emerald €200K Freezeout is run the first Sunday of every month  The buy-in is €300 + 20. Try this tourney out, once a month, and start collecting the cash!


    €100,000 Guaranteed


    Play this amazing tourney every Sunday, except when a larger GTD is run. The buy-in is €100 + 10 and there are re-buys available at €55. Play for rich rewards with the Ruby tourney


    €30,000 Guaranteed


    The €30K Onyx guaranteed tournament runs from Monday through to Saturday and has a buy-in of only €30 + 3. Fill your wallet with wild winnings when you play the Onyx tournament.


    €25,000 Guaraqnteed


    This gem is perfect for lazy Sundays. You can chill out with the Freezeout that has a buy-in of only €190 + 10. This is the perfect way to play for cash and enjoy the excitement of the Sapphire tourney.


    €10,000 Guaranteed


    Go for great rewards with the Amber Freezeout. The tournament is played on Saturdays with a buy-in of €100 + 10. Spend Saturdays making money, the fun way!


    €5,000 Guaranteed


    This fun and exciting tournament is available from Monday through to Saturday. The €5K Freezeout has a buy-in of only €55 + 5. You have 6 days to play and win!





  • PDC Poker USgamblegonline.png


    Weekly Guaranteed:


    Sunday $50,000 Guaranteed @ 15:00 (Freezeout)

    Currently massively overspread. The best value tournament online. Anywhere.

    Buy-in + Fee: $100 + $9 or 10,900 VIP points or satellite's starting from just $2


    Saturday $12,500 Guaranteed @ 13:00 (Freezeout)

    Currently massively overspread. Saturday's best value tournament.

    Buy-in + Fee: $30 + $3 or 3,300 VIP points

    Daily Guaranteed:


    $7,500 Guaranteed @ 19:15

    One of two $7,500 daily guaranteed tournaments

    Buy-in + Fee: $20 + $2 or 2,200 VIP points $7,500 Guaranteed @ 21:00

    Buy-in + Fee: $30 + $3 or 3,300 VIP points

    $5,000 Daily Deepstack @ 17:00

    The classic PDC Poker guarantee tournament with our largest starting stacks!

    Buy-in + Fee: $55 + $5 or 6,000 VIP points


    $5,000 Daily Deepstack @ 00:00

    PDC Poker's Midnight guaranteed tournament is now a whopping $5,000!

    Buy-in + Fee: $75 + $7 or 8,200 VIP points


    $4,000 Daily Deepstack @ 22:00

    Buy-in + Fee: $22 + $2 or 2,400 VIP points


    $3,500 Freezeout Daily @ 21:30

    Missed the evening deepstack? Never mind, get your game going and be ready for the Midnight special!

    Buy-in + Fee: $15 + $1.50 or 1,650 VIP points


    $3,000 Freezeout Daily @ 17:30

    Another big guarantee at a prime time!

    Buy-in + Fee: $10 + $1 or 1,100 VIP points


    $3,000 R/A Daily @ 20:00

    Another daily guarantee at a low low price!

    Buy-in + Fee: $3 + $0.30 or 330 VIP points


    $3,000 R/A Daily Guaranteed @ 23:00

    Another big guarantee at a prime time!

    Buy-in + Fee: $10 + $1 or 1,100 VIP points


    $2,500 R/A Daily Guaranteed @ 15:30

    Another big guarantee at a prime time!

    Buy-in + Fee: $15 + $1.50 or 1,650 VIP points


    $2,500 R/A Daily Guaranteed @ 19:00

    Another big guarantee at a prime time!

    Buy-in + Fee: $40 + $4 or 4,100 VIP points


    $2,500 R/A Daily Guaranteed @ 00:30

    Another big guarantee at a prime time!

    Buy-in + Fee: $20 + $2 or 2,200 VIP points


    21 x $2,000 to $1,000 Daily Guarantee's @ All day, every day

    Don't miss the 21 x daily guarantee's running around the clock!

    Buy-in Range: From $20 to $3 or VIP points


    Smaller Daily Guarantees - Over $97,000 Guaranteed Every Day

    Every day at PDC Poker there are stacks of smaller guarantees that cater to players from all walks of life. You can play some for as little as a $0.06 buy in!



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