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  • At the risk of sounding full of myself, here's my brag:  I'm up about $10 this year--and it's only February!


    Thinking about quitting my job and going pro...

  • Being up in poker is definitely an achievement but living off your winnings is another thing. 


    Congrats to you.



  • Omg i'm currently in 3rd place at Full Tilt... I was in first with 173,000 but yea u know the rest.....


  • Wow Chantelle.  That was pretty cool out of 450 runners.



  • Very nice chantelle!!  :-bd :-bd :-bd

  • Way to go,Chantel.

    Hope you will keep your spot and win.

    My fingers are crossed. :)

  • Have to brag...if even just a little !! :-[ I won a Ladies only $250 guarantee on Feltstars....woohoo :-bd.It's the first only ladies that I ever entered so I thought  :-bd. Anywaysssssssss...I just had to share.I didn't get a screenie but my player name has something to do with flowers.... LOL and poker!! 8) :-X LOL    :-*

  • That is fantastic Rosebud.  Big congrats and thank you for sharing.


    What was your prize?  How many entered and how long did it take you to whoop everyone's butt?



  • That is fantastic Rosebud.  Big congrats and thank you for sharing.


    What was your prize?  How many entered and how long did it take you to whoop everyone's butt?



      Thanks blue !! There were only 45 players,I'm not sure if it was because it cost $2.20 to by in or because only females. :) We played for almost 3 hrs and at first everyone was pretty careful..not any big plays but when we were down to 5 players...which were for the money,it went down to 2 of us in about 30 minutes. WE are down to 2 players and had around 45,000 chips apiece and we went back and forth for 10 minutes and I went all-in with 6's and won the tourney for $80.WooHoo !! :-bd Not bad for 3 hours of work !! ;) :)
  • That is a fantastic return for your $2.20 buy in Rosebud.  Excellent stuff.  Keep the wins and the bragging coming.



  • Ok, I gotta brag just a little bit... This was only my 2nd time ever playing poker online with other people and I actually finished in the money...  :-S It was the El Dorado Palace Daily Freeroll and I only won $6 by placing in 4th place out of 40 players... but, my first try I was so nervous I didn't make it thru 5 hands and then I waited over a month to try it again...  $$ so here is todays "in the money" screenshot  woo


  • What a fantastic achievement Katt for your second every game.  You clearly are a natural!


    Big big congratulations to you and very well done.  Thanks for sharing it too. 


    I'm absolutly chuffed to bits.



  • Thank you so much blue... it felt really good... chuffed, yeah! Never ran into anyone else that uses that word other than me... 8)

    I forgot to say the game was Omaha and I really never played that before, but I read the rules in the 15 minutes between registering and the start of the game...  8'|

  • Maybe I should do an Omaha thread on the rules  :-[ (if I've not already done one).


    You know Katt - I wondered whether you would get the "chuffed" bit; I thought it might be a bit too English.  Glad you use it too  ;)


    I'm looking forward to hearing some more super wins from you.



  • Congrats Katt,very nice finish.A big congrats since it was Omaha too...not a easy game to play weather you are a seasoned player or a novice.I do like  it because of the different games tho.A big thumbs-up and a woohoo to you!!

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