Thx Blue for all you do!

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  • Just wanted to say thx again for all you do for this forum.

    Poker players are usually 3rd, behind slots and bingo. thats why this forum is #1


  • wasnt finished,lol


    thx again


    gl all



  • Thank you imakin.  I really appreciate your kind words. 



  • How sweet,kind...thanks so much,imakin!

    She truly is the best...always trying to strive for the best for everyone near and around her.

    One of reasons why I call her a mother hen. ;D

    Not only she is a great mod but a remarkable friend who is full of truth and caring and is always be there.

    Only wish I could make her feel as rich as she make me and repay at least half portion of the gladness that she strewn along so many rough roads!

    I am very thankful for the true friendship that I have with her...hope it will grow stronger and last forever.

    Thanks blue, you are my gorgeous sapphire lilac!!!





  • Blue,I hope you know how much you are appreciated!!! You are always here for us and you have helped me out more than once. You are the BEST!!! I know we have never really meet..only on lcb but I consider you a good friend!!( Hugs and kisses!!)

  • :-[ :-[ :-[ :-* Nan, you really are too kind  and I truly am moved by your words.


    I love the "sapphire lilac" bit. x



    Thank you Rosebud - I appreciate your kind words. 


    You guys are just too much  :-* :-*


    Thank you both.


    blue x

  • ....when I have no clue,

    all I have to do,

    is ask one time for "blue",

    most helpfull and that's true,

    yes folks cheer out a massive thaaaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuu !!!!    8|





  • Thnx blue

  • An old Smokey Robinson song, " I second that emotion". thanks blue,,



  • An old Smokey Robinson song, " I second that emotion". thanks blue,,




    lol - I guess that tickled you somewhat.


    Schwede, Orren and Rico,  Thank you - it wouldn't be the same without you all that's for sure. 


    Thank you all for being here.





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