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  • Everygame Poker The annual tournament series, created for its recreational and Sportsbook-heavy player base, is made up of a total of 9 events and offers a combined prize pool of almost $40,000.  ...


    EveryGame Poker Tournament

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    By Dzile10
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  • February 14th sees the launch of FREEROLL MADNESS DAY at Poker Host USA OK


    There will be 1 freeroll every hour and if you should happen to deposit on that day, they will DOUBLE all your winnings from the freerolls.


    * Min deposit is $50 to qualify for doubled winnings (should you choose to deposit)


    No deposit is necessary to enter the freerolls.



  • I've just seen an advert on TV for £2,000 freerolls every night on Poker Stars. USA OK


    The freeroll starts at 9.30 GMT which is 4.30 ET.




  • a lot of people dont seem  to know about monthly specials at ftp.

    regularly check the sit and go tab, and click on buy-in twice to put the ft-points tourneys on top, then scroll down to where the money starts, and exactly inbetween the ft-points and money tourneys, there will be some sort of small freeroll, for instance: the after dark, the head-up nationals, and all kinds of other specials every set period.

    they will promote them, but they dont give it their all ^^

    now mostly people try once to get in, but its  a madhouse and they will likely fail @ first.

    the trick is to take the tourney lobby in the screen , a  minute before it opens, and then start clicking crazy at the first 30 seconds of the official opening time. 99 % you will get in, but as soon as you see the register button appear ( forgot to say you have to click on the place where it appears, just before its actually there) then stop clicking, or you will be regged, and unregged instantly :P

    possible you all know this, but for those who dont, they are always 180 to 360 players, and are pretty turbo, with nice prizes if you get through to next rounds, if you do get there, then u can unregister for the next event, and you will have won somewhere around 50 to 100 full tilt points: u can save em up for big tourneys:)

  • €2000 Closing Ceremony Free (Freeroll) at

    Date: 28th February 2010

    Time : 10:00 ET/15.00 GMT

    Prize: €2000


    Registration starts 8 hours before the tournament , tournament located under "Tournaments - Special "

  • can usa play at redbet?

  • can usa play at redbet?


    I'm not too sure to be honest.  The best way to find out is to try and register.  (I didn't see any US flag in the list of languages but then again it's English so I wouldn't say that you can or can't)


    If you do try and register, please let us know the outcome and I will update the post.



  • You must have made a deposit in the past at Poker Time to enter this $250 FREEROLL  (NO USA)


    "Buy in" is 1 poker point

    Starts tonight at 20:00 GMT / 21:00 CET


    You can find the tournament under Scheduled Tournaments> Loyalty Tournaments (it's the only one there)



  • $1000 freeroll at High Pulse Poker NO USA




    Here is the revised schedule for their other freerolls


    (everything is in GMT+1)


    25$ Freerolls every third hour (00:00, 03:00, 06:00, 09:00, 12:00, 15:00,

    18:00, 21:00)


    20$ Freerolls at the top of the hour from 13:00-01:00


    10$ Freerolls every fifteen minutes from 11:00-01:00 and every half hour from



    250$ Freerolls every day at 20:00


    1000$ Freerolls every first of the month at 20:00


    *Tournament details:*


    North European 1000$ FreerollFriday the 2nd of April at 18:00


    Eligible countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, United Kingdom

    & Ireland


    Mid European 1000$ FreerollSaturday the 3rd of April at 18:00


    Eligible countries: Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Baltic

    countries, Belarus, Ukraine, Serbia & Croatia


    East European 1000$ FreerollSunday the 4th of April at 18:00 (GMT+1)

    Eligible countries: Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Holland, Belgium,

    Switzerland & Austria


    South European 1000$ FreerollMonday the 5th of April at 18:00


    Eligible countries: France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus & Greece

  • 32RedPoker are holding an "ALL IN" freeroll on St Patricks Day (17th March).


    This freeroll is going to be quick as everyone will be "all in" on the first hand.  Winner will take 2010 "Redbacks" which is 32Red's Poker points.  With these points you can buy entries into touranaments.


    The action starts at 6.30 GMT and will probably finish at 6.32!  :P

  • lol!

    very funny idea:)

  • This is like a kamikaze tourney.


    Those are crazy you just sit back and watch as you are all in every hand.



  • You are right there Tony - definitely kamikaze.


    They seem to be quite popular though.



  • Bwin Poker are running freerolls where you can win a $15,000 package to the 75K World Series of Poker. NO USA


    The 75k WSOP Freerolls will run daily from 22nd March. until 17th June 2010. The top 200 progress to the quarter finals.


    There are other ways to win the grand package: you can fight your way all up to the top by using b’inside Market Points to buy in directly to a certain final or you can jump right into the Semi Final by using the code “WSOPSEMI” and collecting 1 bonus point.  


    Good luck

  • If you made a deposit at Poker Time you are eligible to participate in a $250 Depositors Freeroll, which will take place on Thursday, 8th April at 20:00 GMT.


    To participate, log in to your Poker Time account and register for the tournament now. You will find the tournament under Scheduled tournaments > Loyalty Tournaments > $250 Depositors MTT


  • $2,500 Bankroll Builder Freeroll


    Are you new to poker? Then enter Everest Poker's $2,500 Bankroll Builder Freeroll! This promotion is perfect for beginners who are just starting out and want to build their bankroll fast.


    How to enter:


    Qualify for the $2,500 finale each week by choosing the daily qualifier below or by entering the finale directly.


    0+0 SP Daily: The satellite is free to enter, with the buy-in being 0+0 SP. The top 50 players from each daily satellite will move on to the finale.


        * Speed: Players have a 15 second decision timer for each turn.

        * Turbo: Unlike the typical 10 minute blind schedule, turbo tournaments raise the blinds and antes every 4 minutes.

        * Six Seat Table: Instead of usual 10 seats, these tables are limited to 6, allowing for faster game play.


    Finale Direct Buy-in: If you want to skip qualifying in a satellite and want to go straight to the finale, you can buy in directly for 1,000 SP (Poker points).


    Please note that registration for the free satellite will only be open two hours before it starts.


    Absent players will be removed after 5 minutes.

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