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  • Everygame Poker The annual tournament series, created for its recreational and Sportsbook-heavy player base, is made up of a total of 9 events and offers a combined prize pool of almost $40,000.  ...


    EveryGame Poker Tournament

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    By Dzile10
    3 months ago

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  • That would be great Shelli.  I've never seen so much fishy beginners luck as you get. 


    I really hope you have a go at some of these freerolls.  They should be a breeze for  you  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


    Good luck  :-*



  • Hiya Poker Players,


    Poker Stars is having their Million Dollar Challenge!


    Qualifying is easy:

    1.Play a free-to-enter twice daily qualifier

    2.Finish in the top ten to be pre-qualified for casting

    3.Read your winners email and follow the instructions on how to submit your audition video

    4.Submit the two minute video telling us why you should play for $1,000,000 on FOX

    You can find the Million Dollar Challenge qualifier tournaments by opening the PokerStars lobby and clicking ‘Tourney’ and ‘Regional’. They’re called ‘FOX - PS Million Dollar Challenge [North America]’. Simply scroll to locate the qualifiers, running every evening at 8, 9, 10 and 11pm ET until January 10.


    If you have any questions about the PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge, please look through the various tabs (in the left hand margin) or contact support



  • Hi Members


    Freeroll for New Players:


    Online poker players simply need to sign up for an account at use code: CPHOLIDAY then register for the $1K Holiday Freeroll in the 'specials' section of the site for free.


    The tournaments take place on Sunday December 27 at 8 p.m.  


    Good Luck!!




  • Hi LCB'ers,


    Join Cake Poker for the Freeroll in Millions!


    Parlay your freeroll wins in to thousands of dollars while playing in the biggest guarantees. In fact, the Freeroll into Millions satellite series will give you access to over $1,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools!


    Come on we need a LCB millionaire!!!!



  • El Dorado Palace Poker


    This is a Poker site whit some freerolls "5xDay" whit a few players is really easy to get a bankroll.


    Daily Omaha 25$ Freeroll Start at 09:00 PL Omaha

    Daily Texas 25$ Freeroll Start at 11:00 NL Holdem

    YourPokerPL 35$ Freeroll Start at 13:00 NL Holdem

    Daily Omaha 50$ Freeroll Start at 15:00 PL Omaha

    Open for All. Hot pick! 50$ Start at 19:00 NL Holdem


    Good luck  ;)


    the page when your on the main page click on download Now and open a real money Account and its done just play and have fun


  • Betsson poker


    Tournament: 500$ Weekly Freeroll (Nl Holdem)

    Poker site:Betsson Poker

    every sunday 19:00


    Every day at 19:00 tournament : 250$  Freeroll (nl holdem)

    Every day at 20:00 tournament :   50$ Freeroll (Omaha)


    NOT USA friendly


    The time is european time.


    I have more freerolls if it is allowed to post it here.

  • Yes please cyberpete.  But not passworded freerolls thank you.



  • PayNoRake


    $200 freeroll

    Everyday at 5:01pm


    No  USA

  • Betway


    Daily Freerolls

    €50 Freeroll Razz (PL) Daily 02:30

    €50 Freeroll Hold’em (PL) Daily 06:45

    €50 Freeroll Omaha (PL) Daily 10:30

    €200 Freeroll Hold’em (NL) Daily 14:00

    €50 Freeroll Omaha High/Low (PL) Daily 19:00


    Weekly Every Tuesday and Saturday

    $500 Freeroll Hold’em (NL) 19:00


    New player freeroll


    $250 Freeroll 21:15


    No USA

  • Every evening at 21:30 (GMT) at PokerStars until March 7, play the £2,000 Daily Giveaway Freeroll to kick start your bankroll and win some serious cash!


    These free to enter tournaments are exclusive to UK and Ireland Players with £2,000 added


    In addition, you could also play in the £250 Second Chance Freerolls which start right after the main tournament every day at 22:30.


    NOTE:  This is a rebuy tourney if you get knocked out so I've posted it in the Poker section too.



  • WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!! Thanks Blue!

  • I am USA and i know im not allowed, exclusive sounds so good.. but i am CHICKEN to play even though it's for free.. how do the new players usually stand against the more experienced ones?


  • I am USA and i know im not allowed, exclusive sounds so good.. but i am CHICKEN to play even though it's for free.. how do the new players usually stand against the more experienced ones?



    Hi Imagin,


    You have as much chance as a seasoned player - "freerolls" attract a lot of new and seasoned players and the play at the beginning is a bit of a chip fest.  Everyone chucks their chips in to double up and be chip leader....albeit fleetingly.


    If you want to have a go at a "play chip" game with say 6 players, give me a shout and I'll play at the table with you.



  • Blue, that is so kind of you.. still i'm chicken and i'll probably play so silly, machine poker.. i'm a whiz.. but table poker.. i don't know, i'm gonna try some practice poker on my pc, and see how i do looool

  • Hi Poker Players,


    Ultimate Bet is having a freeroll challenge for Texas hold’em like one you have never played!


    There will be 6 of these “Social Challenge Freerolls” that will take place over the course of the next 11 months


    The prize pool for these freerolls are $2,000. This is the part that is interesting:


    A pro will sponser each freeroll and a competiton will take place as to whom drew the most players. The pro will receive $2,500 to spend on anything during a night out in Las Vegas. The winner of the freeroll gets to join the pro in a “Lifestyle Component” prize.


    Joe Sebok the winner of freeroll and chance to take the Leap of Faith sky diving experience. Sebok will jump out of a plane over the Nevda desert along with the pro and rocket towards the ground at 200 miles an hour!


    If the challenge is a bit over the top for the winner another challenge just as wild and crazy will be substitued.


    I am always up for a good dare!!



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