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    Yes you read it right. Early this morning I finished 1st playing $109 buy-in NL Hold'em tournament at PokerStars, which earned me an amazing $21,998. Tournament lasted for 8 hours and I have to say this was definitely my best game ever ( well certainly the biggest profit ever made ). There was nearly 1300 entrants with a prize pool of almost $130K. There was no re-buy's or add-on's. Like I said i played my best game, was always placed in the top 30 and as the tournament progressed i started slowly climbing up the ladder. At one point i was holding 2nd position with some 60 players left ( mind 162 places were paid in total ), but then my AA was beaten against the shortstack who got a set of 9s. That dropped me down to 7th or 8th position. Then I decided to play tight and try to hold on to that spot and eventually get to the final table. Unfortunately I lost few more hands bumping me down to 17th place with some 30 left. From there was bit of a scary ride but I was playing pretty well but was still no where near the top 9. With 15 players left i was holding 14 position and was my time to do some damage. Suffice to say i won a few big pots and by the time the final table kicked in i was holding a strong 5th place with over 350,000 in chips. The chip leader had over 700,000, and there were two short stacked players with under 100,000 in chips. The final table begun as expected, with everyone playing tight. I managed to knock out two short stacks and steal several blinds and antes, which resulted in me soon being the chip leader. By that time there was 4 of us left, with me in the lead and Brazilian player close by. I was sticking to my game, trying to steal the blinds where I could ( but never with rubbish hands ) and finally with two good hands I knocked out the 2 short stack and it was a time for the heads up game. The heads up game i entered almost as 2:1 in chip lead. Only at one point Brazilian managed to come to 200,000 chips in difference. My winning hand was 92 where I hit the two pairs, 2 on the flop and 9 on the turn.
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    Hi folks, Its our first freeroll of the year and its a fantastic $400 at Full Tilt Poker TOURNAMENT NAME Latestbonuses Tournament DATE SUNDAY 10th January 2010 PRIZE POOL $400 START TIME 16.00 EST / 21.00 GMT SITE Full Tilt Poker PASSWORD WILL BE SENT TO YOU VIA PM The password will be sent between 30-45 minutes before the start of the game via private message so you must visit LCB/LPB to get the password. Please, please do not divulge the password to non-LPB members. If you are interested in the tournament, please post below so I know who to send the password to. See you at the tables and good luck all. blue
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    Some of you have said you are interested in home games on PokerStars but I'll need some numbers so please post below if you are interested. Further details to be released if there will be enough interest.
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    Welcome to the private freeroll kindly provided to Latespokerbonuses members by CarbonPoker (USA OK). The details of the tourney are as follows: Where CarbonPoker (USA OK) Date Sunday 19th May Time: 16:00 EDT / 21:00 BST / 22:00 CET Tournament name: LPB Freeroll or Latest Poker Bonuses Freeroll Prize Pool: $200 Starting Chips: 1500 Entry: Via Coupon / ticket CARBONLPB1 - Important please read below In order to participate in this private freeroll, you will need to provide your username by the 15th May 2013 and no later than this date, or you cannot be included. You will receive a ticket which will enable you to register to the tournament. Your username must be spelled exactly as it appears at the tables at Carbon Poker or you will not receive your ticket. So get posting your usernames below exactly as they appear at Carbon Poker and by the 15th! See you at the tables. blue
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    In this thread, I will be posting news on Freeroll tournaments (not LPB i.e. not our own freeroll tournmanents) as and when I can find them. You can check out all the usual freerolls here If you know of a big freeroll thats happening soon, post it here. blue WARNING: DO NOT POST AFFILIATE LINKS AS THEY WILL BE REMOVED AND YOU WILL BE BANNED
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    You may have arrived here at latestcasinobonuses because you were hunting for a free casino chip or you spotted a latestpokerbonuses [LPB] freeroll at a poker site but have you taken the LPB tour? There's so much to see....like the full list of poker sites and for USA players, a list of USA poker rooms. With each site listed, there is also a review of that site with screenshots of the lobby and poker table. You can also find the Top 10 poker sites listed too. For new players there are a couple of Poker training options open to you along with some poker tips and a sitngo strategy. You can find simplified poker rules along with Texas Hold'em and Omaha rules. Learn about Poker players, poker tells and there is a brief section on calculating Poker odds and outs. You should also check out the freeroll section and other special freerolls. If you are looking for free money, poker bonuses or would just like to read the latest poker news, LPB has it all. Don't forget to check out ohmesohrny's poker blog, have some fun in the What would you do - Poker hand of the week thread and if you're on a low poker budget, then low budget tourneys is for you. Finally, recently added to the forum is the LCB Shop where you can purchase PokerStars no playthrough credits along with other goodies for posting helpful and useful info on the forum. Read all the Rules and T & C's HERE The above is just a small part of what makes up latestpokerbonuses. If you have any questions, please just ask. blue
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    Early this morning I came as runner up in a small tourney ( 59 players ) at PokerStars. It was $109 NL Holdem with two re-buys and one add-on. Total spent : $327 Won : $2860 Profit : $2533
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    Hi folks, We are having another freeroll at Full Tilt Poker on 21st February 2010. TOURNAMENT NAME Latestpokerbonuses TOURNAMENT ID #137016096 DATE SUNDAY 21st February 2010 PRIZE POOL $50 START TIME 16.00 ET / 21.00 GMT SITE Full Tilt Poker PASSWORD RESTRICTED TOURNEY - NAMES TO BE SENT TO FT Due to the leak of the password on our last game, this game will be restricted to only the names of players who post in this thread. Please post your FT username below if you wish to be included in the tournament. We need at least 10 people for the tournament to go ahead. It is imperative you spell your username correctly including upper and lowercase letters. All usernames will be sent 72 hours before the tournament starts i.e. on Thursday 18th February. Best of luck and see you at the tables! blue
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    This is now completed. I hope this will help new would-be Texas Hold'em poker players learn the ropes to get started in the world of online poker. Please post below anything you would like to know that may not be covered. I'll be covering hand rankings, the poker lobby, the tables, types of games available, the deal, the betting, best sites for action/freerolls, ring table, tournament and sitngo helpful tips and so on. WHAT IS TEXAS HOLD'EM It's a game played with 5 cards. Two cards are dealt to each person at the table, face down. These are your "hole" cards and nobody else can see these cards except you. 5 cards are dealt into the middle of the table face up and these are the community cards. Everyone can see these cards. The 5 community cards are not dealt all at once. Once you have your "hole" cards, there is a round of betting before any of the community cards are dealt. I'll go into the betting later on. Once the round of betting has finished, the community cards are dealt but only 3 cards at first. This is called "The Flop". There is another round of betting and once that has been completed, the next card is dealt. This is called "The Turn". Again, another round of betting and the final community card is dealt. This is called "The River". There is then the final round of betting. This is called "The Showdown" and at this point the winning hand is revealed (the two hole cards) and the winner of the hand takes all the money that has been bet. This is a very basic description of the game. First things first then: you will need to know what hands beat what so you know whether you are throwing your money away when betting. HAND RANKINGS The hands below go from lowest to the highest starting with: High Card (no pairs, just a high card) One Pair (any 2 matching numbered cards) Two Pairs (2 sets of two matching numbered cards) Three of a Kind (any 3 matching numbered cards) Straight / Run (5 consecutive cards) Flush (any 5 cards all of the same suit) Full House (3 matching numbered cards and 2 matching numbered cards) Four of a Kind (4 matching numbered cards) Straight Flush (5 consecutive same suit (suited) cards Royal Flush (the daddy of all hands, 5 consecutive suited top ranked cards) HAND SLANG TERMS Most hands have slang terms or nicknames attached to them which you will pick up as you go along. An example would be for a pair of Aces - these are most commonly called Rockets or bullets. If you click this link, you will find a fantastic list created by Lipstick and the ultimate list on Wikipedia. So you now know the hand rankings, you know the nicknames for some of the hands; so what's next? You need somewhere to play where you can get plenty of cheap games, play money tournaments and lots of freerolls. We've covered what Texas holdem is, the hand rankings and the hand nicknames/slang terms. TYPES OF HOLDEM GAMES There are 3 main types of texas holdem games: Ring games - single tables where anyone can join and leave at their will Sitngo (sit and go) - a designated number of seats from 2 / 6 / 9 / 10 (plus other variations) Tournament - again a designated number of players usually from 10 up to 100,000+. BETTING - in brief At the beginning of every hand, two players will always put money into the pot. This is called "The Blinds". There is the Small Blind and the Big Blind or "SB" and "BB". There is also always a dealer. This is called "The Button" and the first two players to the left of the dealer or button will pay the SB and BB. At the beginning of a tournament or sitngo, the blinds are low, usually at 15 for SB and 30 for the BB. As the game progresses, the blinds increase at certain intervals (the length of the intervals are dependent upon the type of game you are playing and I will go into that a bit later on). After each hand is completed, the next person to the left will become the dealer/button and then of course the next two people to the left of the dealer will be SB and BB. This carries on around the table until the end of the entire game - this is the fairest way to ensure that everyone puts in a SB and a BB. There is also something called the "Ante". The Ante is a set amount that everyone puts into the pot before the cards are dealt and at the same time as the SB and BB. The Ante will only come into play in the late stages of a tournament and sometimes in the late stages of some sitngos. POSITION Position or where you sit at the table in comparison to the dealer/button is really important. The more reactions or bets/folds you see before you have to make your decision, the more information you will know in order to decide what action you will take with the cards that you have been dealt. They say "position is power" and it's so true. If you are first to act i.e. you are first to make a decision about whether to call, raise or fold, you are at a huge disadvantage. You will be to the left of the Big Blind and you are considered to be "Under the Gun" or commonly known as UTG or first to act and also known as "early position". You have to make a decision based on your hand alone and you have no other information to hand when you make your decision. Let's say you have and you are UTG or first to act so you will be seated next to the person who is the Big Blind for this round. Your hand is pretty good so you raise. Half way round the table, somebody bets "All in" - meaning they put all their chips in the pot. The likelihood of them having a better hand than you is high and you just wasted your chips because there is no way you would call with a hand like you have for the bet that has been made. Had you been the dealer in this hand and an all in bet had been made, you would have had lots of information before you had to make your decision. One player could have gone all in, another player could have called, another player with more chips than that could have re-raised the all in and there you sit with your hand which seems to have little value now. Position is so important and you will do well to remember how valuable position is when playing. There are three types of position, "early position", "middle position" and "late position". The best place to be is of course late position because you will have gathered a large amount of information based on the betting that has gone before. In early position, you should play: High Pairs: A-A, K-K, Q-Q, J-J Suited High Cards: A-K, A-Q, K-Q, A-J, K-J, Q-J Less favourable high cards in different suits: A-K,A-Q, K-Q In middle position you can add to the above: High Cards in the same suit: A-10, K-10, Q-10 High Cards in different suits: A-J, A-10, K-J Pairs: 10-10, 9-9 In late position, you can play a lot more hands simply because of the information you have gathered from the actions of the early and mid position play. As the dealer, you are last to act (apart from SB and BB), this is by far the best position. You can steal blinds in this position and play lower hands (but not poor hands like 7/2 unsuited - the worst hand). POKER ROOMS - Where to play Before I go into the tips for sitngo and tournament play, you need to decide which poker room to play at. What you don't want is a poker room where you can't get a game. For those of you lucky enough to be outside of the US, I recommend PKR. This site has plenty of players, plenty of freerolls and free tables where you can earn small prizes (10c) to get your bankroll started. There is also plenty of play money action and you need to be quick to get into the 10 seater sitngo's on this site. The best part about PKR is that it is in 3D and there are player emotes ranging from a quick "thank you" to someone who compliments you on your play by saying "good call". All the emotes are spoken and your avatar (which you can dress up and change the features to look like yourself if you desire) will move and raise their arms when shouting "oh my god". This is an awesome site and a good place to learn the game but watch out for the poor players - please do not learn from their play. Another good site is Poker Stars which is US friendly. There is always plenty of action on this site and you can play in lots of freerolls and play money tables too. This is the biggest poker site and they have really cheap sitngo multi table tournaments (2c) to practice on . Of course, don't forget Full Tilt Poker which is another US friendly site, lots of action and some very different types of sitngo's/tournaments that you can play. POKER LOBBY The poker lobby can be quite daunting when you first log in to a poker site. There are so many types of tournaments and sitngo's, you can get lost as to what you are looking for. Not only that, on the busy sites, the tables fill up quickly and you think you're clicking on a $1 table but by the time you have double clicked, that table has filled up, another table has gone where your mouse is double clicking and before you know it, you are registering for a $50 game. The word here is "care" when selecting the game that you want to play. Make sure it is the correct one that has loaded. The picture above is the Full Tilt lobby. At the very top of the picture (just to the right) you can see where you can choose either real money play or play money play. If you are a complete beginner, may I recommend play money until you start winning play money games and also freerolls. Down the left side at the top are the types of games available i.e. Ring, Sitngo, Tournament and Rush. You can see in the picture I have selected sitngo. In the column next to that are all the types of sitngo or alternatively, you can select All (which I have done). Below you will see the long list of games available to play. I've actually clicked on "players" which orders the list as to the number of players that are registered. You can click at the top of the "buyin" detail to order them by the amount you have to pay to buy into a game. To the right of the long list you can see a description of the sitngo selected and underneath that, there is the "key". This key tells you what sort of game it is for example a red t is Turbo which means the blinds go up quickly and a blue D is double stack (you get a double stack of chips). I suggest you play around with the lists of games just to familiarize yourself with whats on offer. PLAYER NOTES I recommend you make notes on players when you are playing. An example would be where a player is constantly betting all in. If you get to see their hand, make a note on them of the cards they are betting all in with. If they bluff and they are caught bluffing, again, make a note on them. Basically any bad play, you should make a note. Once you have been playing for some time, it's incredible how useful these notes will be to you and they are definitely worth doing. Depending on which site you are playing on will depend how you make a note on a player. Click on the player first and you may see a drop down list of options like ignore, player notes etc. If that doesn't work, try "right clicking" on them and you may see the list of options then. RING TABLES A ring game is a single table at a set stake that any player can join or leave at will. You need to be disciplined to play at these tables as you will generally find some good players here. Of course there are bluffers who will lead you to believe they have a great hand...nearly every hand and you know that isn't possible. Make note on players whenever you can. Try to stick to the premium hands and remember your position in relation to the dealer and the importance of it. Ring tables are a great place to learn the game and if you can play on the play money tables to better yourself before you start spending your hard earned cash, then I highly recommend you do that first. Once you start winning at the play money tables, you are ready to play for real. SITNGO TOURNAMENTS Sitngo tournaments are where a set number of players play poker until everyone is knocked out and there is a winner. The number of seats can very and are also dependent upon where you are playing. The most common sitngo games require 6 or 10 players (9 at some sites). The 6 seater sitngo games will pay the top 2 places and the 10(9) seaters pay the top 3 places. You can also play heads up and I'll talk about that a bit later on. There are also sitngo's with 990 players in them. These can be found on Poker Stars and the buy in is just 2c. This makes this a really good place to learn about not only sitngos but also about tournament style play. I recommend the 6 seater sitngo's to start. This is a great place to learn sitngo play. I suggest premium hands to begin with (AK, AQ, AA, KK QQ and even AJ) and just fold if you don't get these kind of hands. Once one or 2 people have been knocked out, you can loosen up a little and play lesser hands like A,10, JJ, 10 10 and so on. If you get a small pocket pair, I suggest just flat calling if you can (if there is a raise, you may as well fold) and if you hit trips on the flop, you're in a very good position. If you don't hit the three of a kind and there is betting, just fold. It's pointless throwing your money away particularly if the highest card on the table is higher than your pocket pair. TOURNAMENTS Tournaments are a different thing altogether particularly freeroll tournaments. You will find with freerolls the play at the beginning is very poor. Stick with the premium hands and don't be lured into calling an all in bet just because someone is trying to steal your blinds. If you stick with the premium hands during the first part of the tournament, you will make it into the top 65%. Once you are at this stage, you could loosen up a little and try to build up your stack if you've not already done so. At some point you are going to be near the "bubble". The bubble is the cut-off point where you will just miss out on being paid if you get knocked out at this part of the game. For example, the top 50 places pay and there are 60 players left and you are say 51st or 52nd. Protect your chips where you can and think about how many blinds you could pay out of your stack of chips that you have left. Can you make it to the paying places? To recap - tight in the beginning, loosen up in the middle and tight again until the paying places. If you make it to the final table (the last 10 players), I suggest tight play again and stick to premium hands and pocket pairs where you can. Note: This is only a suggested strategy and each game will differ depending upon the level of buy-in and the site you are playing at. HEADS UP Heads up play is very different and you would be very wise to practice this kind of game as often as you can. When playing heads up, Ace high with anything is a great hand as is KQ and so on. To beat an opponent heads up, you really do need to understand their playing style. Gaining a good understanding of heads up play will assist you in heads up situations in both tournament and sitngo play. Think about the final table of a tournament and imagine it's you and one other player left in the tournament and the first prize is almost double the 2nd prize. This is where heads up practice will benefit you in so many ways. CONTINUED....further down
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    INSTANT NO DEPOSIT POKER BONUSES: Unibet Poker £10 / €12 Free. No deposit requred. Also earn free tourney tickets with achievements - also available without deposit. Winner Poker are giving away $10 free. View details HERE bet365Poker $5 No Deposit. UK and Ireland only Yoga Poker $25 No Deposit. View full details HERE. (USA OK) Titan Poker Up to $175 free ($25 is instant) USE CODE latestfree NO USA Poker Time $10 free USE CODE 10FREEPT NO USA [/b] Sky Poker £20 free in tournament tickets (4 x £2.20 tokens and 4 x £3.30 tokens) USE CODE POKER NO USA Riva Poker $5 for poker plus $5 for the casino USE CODE WELCOME5 and CASINO5 (email promo@rivapoker.com with the two codes in the subject line.) NO USA Bet Raiser Poker €5 free USE CODE 5EURO during registration NO USA 888 Poker £5/$8 and now £12/$20 (UK) FREE Download and register. Free money credited automatically. (NO USA) FREE POKER MONEY Ultimate Bet Free $50 via PokerSpace USA OK Party Poker Bonus $50 via Poker Source Online NO USA Full Tilt Poker bonus $100 via Bankroll Mob NO USA If you hear of any No Deposit poker bonuses, please post below and I will add it to the list. OFFERS NO LONGER AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME No deposit bonus Party Poker £15 free. View details HERE Cool Hand Poker €5 free (€2 cash and 3 entries to €500 Added New Player tournaments). (NO USA) NO LONGER AVAILABLE OPoker invalid link removed €2.20 free USE CODE lpbonus in the cashier NO USA NO LONGER AVAILABLE 365Bonitas Poker $6 free in coupons (50c sitngos) USE CODE NEWAT365 USA OK NO LONGER AVAILABLE All In Poker 5 FREE Gold Chips (USA OK) (Wait 24 hours for your free chips) Poker 770 $7.70 free USE CODE bonpok (email the subject "bonpok" to promotions@poker770.co.uk) NO USA See also here Free Poker Money Absolute Poker Free $50 via PokerSpace USA OK No Longer available Victor Chandler Poker Free $100 via PokerSpace NO USA No Longer available Winner Poker Bonus $75 via Poker Source Online NO USA No Longer available Red Kings Poker Bonus $75 via Poker Source Online NO USA No Longer available Absolute Poker $100 via Poker Source Online USA OK No longer available Titan Poker Bonus $150 via Bankroll Mob NO USA No longer available Pacific Poker Bonus $150 via Poker Strategy NO USA No Longer available Mansion Poker Bonus $150 via Poker Strategy NO USA No Longer available Cake Poker Bonus $100 via Your Poker Cash USA OK No longer available WARNING: NO PERSONAL/AFFILIATE LINKS PLEASE OR YOU WILL BE BANNED
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    Folded this hand pre-flop, and then surprise surprise what came out. :D LOL
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    Shipped a tourney i'm back in action. ;D Thats me in 1st.
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    Especially for all the Latestpokerbonuses members this Christmas time, you are invited to a $300 freeroll at Full Tilt Poker (USA OK) on 19th December 2010. Here are the details: TOURNAMENT NAME Latestpokerbonuses TOURNAMENT ID #200592153 DATE SUNDAY 19th December 2010 PRIZE POOL $300 START TIME 16.00 ET / 21.00 GMT SITE Full Tilt Poker TOURNAMENT TYPE NL HOLD'EM PASSWORD RESTRICTED TOURNEY - NAMES TO BE SENT TO FT Please post your FT username below if you wish to be included in the tournament. We need at least 10 people for the tournament to go ahead. It is imperative you spell your username correctly including upper and lowercase letters. You can locate the tournament in the poker lobby under "private". All usernames will be sent 72 hours before the tournament starts i.e. on Thursday 16th December 2010. See you at the tables. blue
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    Hi Poker Players, Here is a list of LPB's Poker sites that share the same network. All sites that are within the network are actually pooled together when playing. Although one player may be playing at one site and another player is playing at a different site, your actually playing together under the same network and at the same tables. Cereus Poker Network UB CLOSED Absolute Poker CLOSED Winning Poker Network True Poker Americas Cardroom Blackchip Poker Merge Network Aced Felt Stars CLOSED Poker Host Poker Nordica CLOSED Carbon Poker BetEd CLOSED PDC Poker CLOSED OddsMaker Sportsbook Optimus Poker CLOSED Players Only Poker Sportsbook.com Cake Network Cake Poker Luck 3 Poker CLOSED BetUS CLOSED Superbook Sports Interaction Microgaming Network 32Red Aspinalls Poker CLOSED Cool Hand Poker Crazy Poker CLOSED Poker Time Unibet Poker Bwin/PartyPoker Network Bwin Poker Empire Poker Party Poker iPoker Network Bet365 Betfred CD Poker (Merged with Will Hill) Celeb Poker CLOSED CentreBet Expekt Poker Mansion Poker Noble Poker CLOSED Poker770 Poker Plex Sega Poker CLOSED Sun Poker Titan Poker BetVictor William Hill Winner Poker Ongame Network Betsson Poker Red Kings Poker Pacific Poker Network Littlewoods Poker Pacific Poker Now 888 Poker Everleaf Gaming Network Victor Poker CLOSED YoY Poker
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    I usually don't like freerolls, but EUR 1000 Sportsbook Freeroll will be one of my favorite tournaments :D (2nd out of 760)
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    For the past couple of weeks Ive been playing SNGs . They were never my thing, but given that my favourite tourneys are too time consuming I opted to play sngs daily. So far I have been on a good run, and currently up some $1.2K . Heres the winning screenshot of one of the today's sngs. Zuga
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    I don't think there is any other game on earth that can raise your blood pressure like Texas Hold'em. I don't know what is more gratifying to hit a Royal Flush or knock some jerk who has been dominating the table with crap hands and is having tremendous streak of good luck. I think what gets me the most is when everyone at the table waits for a solid hand to go up against the wanker. Ya hope and pray you get decent hand to stop this poker thief from robbing us blind (literally) and you can't get a decent hand to save your life. Then someone at the table decides to go up against his all-in with a decent hand and you are thrilled to death thinking this could be the magic moment to knock him out. You hope and pray again with baited breath to the river and the #$%& wins with a hand most of us would fold. He is on a rush and knocks out half the table of good players with his dumb luck. That's when i ask myself.....how on earth can i enjoy poker so much when i am ready to throw my laptop out the front window! Lips
  18. 7 points
    i really can't stand all in'ers ... i for one play this way : i bet i call my hand at the level of the play round and expect a good game of chipping in the level each card if you stand behind your hand of course if not fold or bluff with the pot but for goodness sake .. maybe i am just originally weird , but i enjoy a good solid flowing game.
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    I've just found a document listing all the sites that have been seized by the Dept of Justice and they are as follows: Bookmaker.com 2Betsdi.com Funtimebingo.com Goldenarchcasino.com Truepoker.com Betmaker.com Betgrandesports.com Doylesroom.com Betehorse.com Beted.com You can view the document (pdf) here I'm sure these won't be the last of them either. Things are not good - I'm so sorry. blue
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    Just wanted to say thx again for all you do for this forum. Poker players are usually 3rd, behind slots and bingo. thats why this forum is #1
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    Hi folks, We are having a freeroll at Full Tilt Poker on 14th March 2010. TOURNAMENT NAME Latestpokerbonuses TOURNAMENT ID #143678180 DATE SUNDAY 14th March 2010 PRIZE POOL $50 START TIME 16.00 ET / 21.00 GMT SITE Full Tilt Poker PASSWORD RESTRICTED TOURNEY - NAMES TO BE SENT TO FT Please post your FT username below if you wish to be included in the tournament. We need at least 10 people for the tournament to go ahead. It is imperative you spell your username correctly including upper and lowercase letters. All usernames will be sent 72 hours before the tournament starts i.e. on Thursday 11th March. Best of luck and see you at the tables! blue
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    This thread is for anyone either new to the game or if like me have been playing for a few years and just thought it was only a phrase to make it more interesting/in depth on poker shows/videos. Pot odds are what makes a hand worth playing or not. Is it worth entering this pot with this size to call and this much to win? I played with pot odds primarily last night and ran quite deep in the tournaments. Although I did not win any cash(just due to bad luck and sucky hands) I am definitely going to always use pot odds from now onwards! So here is an example say you have 6000chips it's your call on the button and the blinds are 75/150 there are a few callers nobody raised and the pot stands at 750. You have say 78 off if you call you are getting 5/1 pot odds so you should definitely call making it 6/1. For another example say you have 10000 hold J10 of diamonds the short stack goes all in everyone folds and the call is 1000 for you in the big blind. (Blinds are at 500/1000 he went all in for 2000) you are getting 2/1 with a decent enough hand to call this hopefully win the hand and improve your stack. Take these examples and use them wisely poker is entirely situational. If the short stack is a tight player and you are in middle position with KK you should never just call you should probably at least reraise x3 their bet or go all in. To avoid it being tempting to other players. If your hand is not good enough to be beating much like Q5 I'd just fold that. Why re-raise and face another all in from the button? Then you need to fold anyway. My final example is the most important say you have K10 in a late position it's action galore in front of you although you are short. What is it even beating that has raised behind? Now with pot odds in mind unless you are getting at least 2/1 to call and it's not for more than half your stack it's a fold even with 2/1 pay attention to your opponents. How many hands are they playing? What hands are they raising? Do they check raise? are they aggressive? etc. So the call comes to you blinds are 300/600 and it's 1800 to call with a pot size of 2700 you have say 3100chips this is easily a fold. Unless your hand is at least QQ or AK suited. As 1800 only goes into 2700 once for it to be a profitable call it should be at least a 3600+ pot. If you hold a monster in this spot I.E QQ or better go all in. Just thought I'd share more stuff I've learned by using pot odds you have an even better edge against newbies and donks. Enter less pots recklessly and lose less chips extend your tournament life and hopefully place or even better take it down! Last thing remember just because everyone just called this doesn't mean they don't have a big hand like AK or better. Only call when you get the right price to if you have a "plan" or a good hand at least 45,67,89,910 and for suited at least Jx,Qx,Kx and so on. Why enter a pot with a hand that has no kind of potential to win. :-bd
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    site name: RakeBackNation game type: NL Holdem buyin: $300 freeroll number of entrants: 39 your final position: 1st best hand: last hand of the night, a second 7 came up on the river to give me trip 7's to win the game during heads up vs my opponents high pair of queens prize: $108 Oddest thing about it, was I borrowed my grandchild's Ipad mini to play this tournament, while I was using my windows tablet to money in an America's CardRoom tournament. I will be giving the granddaughter 10 percent of the winnings for letting me borrow her Ipad mini.
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    The FREEBUY series is back at Americas Cardroom ! 150,000 GTD prizes From August 25 to September 6 You can play for free, the tournament has structure rebuy and add on, but to sign up and play you pay nothing. Rebuy and add-on units range from just $0.01 to $20 but you have an opportunity to win whether you add to your chip stack or not! Registration for each tournament begins two hours before, and you can register delayed up to two hours after the tournament began. ** This series of tournaments FREEBUY is also available for Black Chip Poker Good luck
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    I didn't finish in the money on Pokerstars :( But at the same time played Ladbrokes Social Series PLO tourney and finished on 2nd place :)
  26. 6 points
    3rd Place $100 GTD $2.00 + $.20 buyin. R&A I spent $4.20. Won $21.60 Woo hoo!
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    I have to share this fab hand from Daniel Negreanu, voted best poker hand ever (PokerStars)
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    Playing poker is such an exciting game. You never know what your next hand will be, whether you will play it, win, lose or fold. What annoys me more than anything about playing poker is when hand after hand after hand is absolute rubbish. Just sitting there throwing away your blinds, not being able to play just waiting for a decent hand to come before you are "all blinded out" of the game. Plus the fact that the other players think you are an easy target to steal blinds from, makes it thoroughly aggravating. In the end, you have to bluff just to keep your blinds. What gets under your skin about poker. blue
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    I hate the bullies - the players who overbet every hand to intimidate everyone. I love nothing more than getting a good hand and sucking them into it, then BAM!, I nail their asses! >:( LOL
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    Enter the code "NEWAT365" and receive $6 FREE in SNG coupons.(You will receive 1 coupon that can be used to play 10 SNG tournaments of $0,60) » Coupon awarded immediately. » This coupon Expires automatically after 3 days. You will also get a New player $50 freeroll coupon exclusively for new players. 365BonitasPoker
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    I came across this and I just had to share. LOL LOL
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    Hey everyone long time without posting in the forum, 8) well im finally in vacations so im back to the poker tables!! the last balcance in my titan account was 3.90$ so i start playing with this money the last monday and right now im at 21$ now i have a good bankroll to start playing at omaha tables. now my challenge will be made 1.000$ before christmas Day 1 Bankroll 21.59$ Goal 1.000$ Titan points 88.10 I will post my progress and of course some hands ;)
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    Just finished 2nd out of 1147 participants and won EUR 25 token. Not too bad.
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    Anyone any good at chip tricks? This must have taken a lot of practice If you come across any chip trick videos/gifs, please post them :-bd
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    site name: 32Red Poker game type: Texas Holdem NL buyin: Freeroll number of entrants: 123 your final position: 2nd best hand: four of a kind 3 prize: €75.00 in ticket for play MPNPT Seat Only Final - 1 Seat ADDED
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    Win a trip to Las Vegas and play poker in style! This great prize is on offer in exciting freerolls which take place every Sunday from 5th April until 24th May at bet365 Poker. The winner of each freeroll receives a €5,000 Viva Las Vegas prize package and there are also hundreds of Tournament Tokens to be won every week. These can be used to enter Viva Las Vegas satellites, so you have a further chance to claim the luxury holiday. Players under the age of 21 are unable to win a trip to Las Vegas but shall play for a cash equivalent. Win a trip to Las Vegas in a thrilling freeroll every Sunday. Eight exciting tournaments provide a total prize-pool worth €180,000. Book a seat in the seven days leading up to each event. To get your Tournament Token for each freeroll, simply make a deposit/transfer to your Poker account and earn at least 15 Merit Points. You can play in all eight events. Prize Package Details Total value: €5,000. $1,500 for buy-in to an event which takes place from 12th until 16th June 2015. €2,200 for travel and spending (two people). Seven nights’ accommodation at The Palazzo, Las Vegas. Choice of activity for two people. Concierge prior to the tournament and hospitality services.
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    PokerStars' announcement of a rake increase in October 2014 hasn't been very popular among poker players. The initial rake increase was applicable to its heads-up, hyper-turbo, sit-and-go tournaments as of November 3rd with a second round of increases scheduled for this year. As a result of the negative feedback and a period of review, PokerStars/Amaya Gaming Head of Corporate Communications, Eric Hollreiser, announced that the increases are being nixed except for the November changes to Spin & Go tables. PokerStars players should already be taking advantage of pre-November 2014 rake. PokerStars Reverts to Old Rake Structure
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    Poker Pro Tony G has been elected as a Member of the European Parliament. He will serve 5 years as an MEP which will surely take him away from poker scene for some time. He was quoted as saying by the associated press "Today, we made history in Lithuanian politics, for the first time Liberals have won two seats in the European Parliament. My sincere thanks go to all voters, those who supported and helped me along the way!" You'll remember that video where Tony is just so mad at the Russian guy - you can watch it I think he'll be a force to be reckoned with as an MEP, what say you?
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    ok so maybe an argument that he was tricked but surely if you are check raised instantly you should know your opponent has a very strong hand but nope even with my tight image at the table and only all in a couple of times prior to this he still calls with his set with only a 4 I could have actually had kj or QJ but just so happened to have full house leaving him drawing dead :))
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    my biggest cash win to date in poker tournament omaha at unibet buy in 0.91cents 3rd place prize £29(€35) cashed out £25 of it!
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    Found on this another forum, but thought it was worth a share
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    I love the fish, because it's only a matter of time until they sink their jaws straight into my hook. The River often runs shallow, and when it does, the water will not even be deep enough for their gills to breathe when they called my bet of ten times the blind after the turn to see an inside straight draw that never came to be. I call it the, "House Advantage," the same way as the casino has the house advantage and will ALWAYS win in the long run with their own slot machines. I talk those guys all the way up, I congratulate them on the hand, in a genuine sounding way. I tell them how great of a play they made and how, "Gutsy," I think they are for standing up to me and staying in with that kind of draw. I tell them all about how I wish my stones were that big, but I'm just too tight of a player to call that kind of money on a draw. Do everything you can to make those guys feel good, because when you are the one WINNING the hands, you never notice it is that same guy who called your bet after the Turn with absolutely nothing and ened up with absolutely nothing after the River, because he folds before the show-down. 8/10 or 9/10 times that Draw doesn't go his way. That's what I call my, "House Edge," he's going to continue to make that play forever and ever and ever and will continue to give me money 80-90% of the time. I only have to pay him out at 10-20%! If a casino's slots only paid out 10-20% of the time, nobody would play, this guy is eager to play with me for that 10-20% payout!!! You don't see the hands he folds after the River comes, and he folds a great many. You only ever see the Hands where the fish sucks out on the River on an abyssmal play and beats you. He'll give you more money in one session (on average) than you'll give him in five. Embrace him, encourage him, and always have the patience to understand that he will beat you sometimes, but not nearly as much as you will beat him. There's no better player to have at the table, and there's no better player to get Heads-Up.
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    i cant stand the person who catches trips on the river after repeatedly calling with the worse hand and then they think they played the hand well and then talk crap.....stooges is the phrase i use
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    Which of these do you prefer? Let us know which game you prefer so we can bring you the best bonuses for the games that YOU want to play! and don't forget to check out all our latest poker rooms here: https://www.latestpokerbonuses.com/poker-rooms/ :)
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    Hiya Members, Harrah's Entertainment has just launched a brand new site where US players are welcome. Before the US gets too excited the players from the US can only play in free games. We will still have to wait to deposit due to regulations. But this is setting the wheels in motion and a smart move for Harrah's! You can ck out the site at WSOP. It is nice to know they have cracked the door open to at least give us a chance to look around and play too for free! Lips
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    It seems that begging is rife at PokerStars. I've seen it during big tourneys and also at the milestone hand tables. Looks like the Boom hand replayer is getting lots of begging messages as well. Here are a couple: People hello. Please help me , I'm from Russia , and now we have a difficult financial situation . Enough money for food and baby clothes to buy , but really want to play poker.pleez put 10 dollars , my nickname on Poker Stars - (name removed). thank you very much and Help me guys Transfer me $ to my pokerstars account. My account name is: (removed) thank you very much. I don't forget you if I won million tournament! I think it's disgraceful to be honest. What do you think about it?
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    How to donk bet https://www.latestpokerbonuses.com/poker-blog/ohmesohrny/11-4-14_574/Donk-Betting/
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    We are having a private freeroll at Full Tilt Poker on 2nd May 2010. TOURNAMENT NAME Latestpokerbonuses TOURNAMENT ID #155320284 DATE SUNDAY 2nd May 2010 PRIZE POOL $25 START TIME 16.00 ET / 21.00 BST (GMT+1) SITE Full Tilt Poker PASSWORD RESTRICTED TOURNEY - NAMES TO BE SENT TO FT Please post your FT username below if you wish to be included in the tournament. We need at least 10 people for the tournament to go ahead. It is imperative you spell your username correctly including upper and lowercase letters. All usernames will be sent 72 hours before the tournament starts i.e. on Thursday 29th April. Best of luck and see you at the tables! blue
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