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  4. LoraVass

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, I would like to share with my positive experience with this site https://privatecasinos.com/ I was payed out in less then 24 ours, I just sent the document :)
  5. Halloween Bonuses 30 Free Spins Min deposit: $25 Coupon Code: TOME30 60 Free Spins Min deposit: $50 Coupon Code: TOME60 80 Free Spins Min deposit: $75 Coupon Code: TOME80 100 Free Spins Min deposit: $100 Coupon Code: TOME100 Each code can be used only once but they can be claimed in any order Valid: 1st October - 31st Ostober, 2021 Please note: Terms and Conditions apply. Have fun and enjoy
  6. JohnPaul

    Bet365 Promos

    Nice Offer. Eager to grab it.
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  8. Johnny Karp


    Nicely done TW82, those are very good results. Congratulations!
  9. TW82


    These are just a few of my latest wins at some places I play. Global, SB, BOL, Atlas. Mostly NLH
  10. Of course, it's possible to get on top of google search. There are a lot of options to get referrals online and increase your rank on google. I have a small business, I have a company of fish conservation and when I just created my company I needed to promote it in order to have clients. I had no name at the beginning, but this site https://limitlessreferrals.info/how-to-get-referrals-online/ helped me a lot. I didn't pay much for that service, it's secure and easy. Your popularity and your referrals matter in business along with high-quality products. Now, my business is developing and I have a big profit.
  11. Have you tried to turn off your anti malware software?
  12. I know such proposals appear very often. I know many crooks and cheaters work in such a case. Firstly, they make a very attractive offer for you. When you are ready to pay money, after that they suddenly disappear and ban you so you are not able to contact them anymore. It's a well-known scheme, I am sure you know it. If you want to play poker and win some tickets, you should trust only proven and world-known resources.
  13. OMG how much information was written by 1 person. It's like a whole team was working on it, haha. Thank you so much. This is the most useful and detailed guide I've seen. It is very clear , I say this on behalf of a person who is just beginning to learn the world of poker :)
  14. I don't really enjoy playing poker that much, tried it a couple of times, but I've always seen it as being too corrupted, don't really know why, maybe it's been just my personal experience that made me believe that. Anyway, I enjoy normal gambling games a lot more. Used to go to casinos but since they got closed at the beginning of the pandemic, I refocused on online games and I have no idea why I didn't try those games earlier on.
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