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  3. I will continue if there are no other options. By the way, I tried to download the Paddy Poker app yesterday and ran into the same problem. It's strange because I've never faced such issues before. Molly, I think I can give you some good advice. There are many famous gambling platforms such as 888, Bet 365 and so on.
  4. I'd say ethroll casino is good. Any other variants?
  5. I'm not sure if it may help. Can you recommend me some good casinos online?
  6. Have you tried to turn off your anti malware software?
  7. Online poker works exactly the same as live poker. The rules are the same and the biggest difference is the different promotions offered by poker rooms when you first register. Also, tournaments tend to run more smoothly and player traffic is higher.😉
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  9. The Dutch tax authorities decided a few days ago to reimburse professional poker players for gambling taxes that have already been paid. This applies to taxes on winnings that players have generated on the EU-based online poker platform. Dutch industry media recently reported that these were the levies that had been paid since May 2012. It is currently not known how many players this affects. But the amounts should be in the millions.😊
  10. I know such proposals appear very often. I know many crooks and cheaters work in such a case. Firstly, they make a very attractive offer for you. When you are ready to pay money, after that they suddenly disappear and ban you so you are not able to contact them anymore. It's a well-known scheme, I am sure you know it. If you want to play poker and win some tickets, you should trust only proven and world-known resources.
  11. OMG how much information was written by 1 person. It's like a whole team was working on it, haha. Thank you so much. This is the most useful and detailed guide I've seen. It is very clear , I say this on behalf of a person who is just beginning to learn the world of poker :)
  12. I don't really enjoy playing poker that much, tried it a couple of times, but I've always seen it as being too corrupted, don't really know why, maybe it's been just my personal experience that made me believe that. Anyway, I enjoy normal gambling games a lot more. Used to go to casinos but since they got closed at the beginning of the pandemic, I refocused on online games and I have no idea why I didn't try those games earlier on.
  13. blueday

    Bet365 Promos

    Bet365 have a couple of nice offers available at the moment Bubble Bonus Finish just outside of the paying places and you'll get a free spin on their Bubble Bonus Prize Wheel. You're allowed up to 9 spins each week. All you need to do for your chance to win up to €100 cash is play in any Sunday Featured Tournament each week and finish one place outside of the paying places. (Ends 27th December 2020) Royal Series Missions Just complete missions to win a spin on the Royal Series Crown between now and 2nd November. The prize wheel awards MTT and freeroll tickets with a top prize of a €100 Royal ticket - which can be used to enter Royal Series tournaments where there's guaranteed prize-pools totalling over €300,000! How it works: Opt in during the daily qualiying period - click the Start button in the Missions section before you start a mission. Complete the mission to win a spin on the daily missions prize wheel.
  14. I also really like such things and since I was a small child I have been attracted to it. The other day I tried to go to a crossword solver team competition and together with my friends I won. It's pretty ok that they also give gifts so that the motivation to win is much higher. Is anyone here as enthusiastic about this? I'm just curious.
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  16. Is anyone here who wants to play with me?
  17. Finally I found a good poker guide to send to my friends, because I am more than tired to explain them the rules every time before we start to play and this is too exhausting for me. So next time I will send them this thread and I should tell them to save it somewhere and not to ask me anymore. Me and two of my friends used to call other people to my place and play poker just with chips, no real money and when we were alone we could play online one w88. So, when someone new was coming we needed to explain them everything from the beginning...
  18. I am waiting till my tournament in my city begins and I will start a blog.
  19. We Provide best Cnc machine services which includes refining our processes and procedures to reduce lead times, uphold our quality, maintain zero interruptions, and continually drive down costs. Check Out: automation companies in toronto
  20. I'm not sure why you think talking about a casino has anything to do with a poker hand...your link was removed.
  21. It's actually very simple to find out whether it contains a virus or not. You can use one of these cleaners https://thinkmobiles.com/blog/best-registry-cleaner-tools/. Just download any one, which is more suitable for you, then install it and and launch Scan your computer. It will clean all the trash, including malicious files from your computer. I rather use such software instead of an anti-virus. It will not impact your PC's performance like an AV, it even make your machine work better.
  22. I don't know actually what would I do in such a situation since I'm a beginner which only starts to gamble. Personally, I've started to understand the basics of the card table games not so long ago. I started to understand such things since I want to get more money sitting at home, because I'm feeling safer about acting like that. I heard about the best netent casino which works legally but pretty profitable. I'm thinking of gambling on it... However, is anyone familiar with those casinos that I mentioned above?
  23. Hi Ace864! I'm not sure what do you mean by "funnels"....Maybe you are talking about GrooveFunnels?
  24. I'm sorry I'm new here and don't know much about funnels, but as I understand it is something related to SEO
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