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Demanded specialties

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How did your parents choose their profession? What about friends? Even in the elementary grades of school, we are advised to listen to our own desires and do what the soul lies in.

But inclinations are not everything: work must certainly bring pleasure, only pleasure will never be complete without a decent wage. Below we present a rating of the most demanded professions at the moment.

So, which specialists in which areas will definitely not be out of work even during the economic crisis?


Marketing and production

The field of sales and marketing has always been characterized by impressive demand and the highest level of supply in the labor market. And you can see it for yourself: print and online publications are full of recruitment ads for sales representatives, sales assistants, and sales professionals, while attractive zeros adorn their guaranteed salaries. But it should be borne in mind that this position has its own characteristics, because not everyone is able to sell goods and do it well. 


Information Technology

Jobs in the field of working with data have been in the lead for several years now. If ten years ago, a medium-sized company could limit itself to only one or two webmasters who ensured the stable operation of the entire system, today things are somewhat different. In addition to bookkeeping and software setup, organizations are engaged, for example, in promoting their own website, and without the help of layout designers, SEO specialists, designers, content managers and other important people, there is no way to do it.

Personnel service

For some reason, the work of administrative staff is not taken seriously, although in fact, well-coordinated work and order in the office do not arise by itself. In some organizations, most of the functions are performed by a single office manager, while others recruit a whole staff of assistants, managers and assistants. Today, the so-called “personnel officers” are in demand, who not only hire new employees, but also engage in their adaptation, training, regulate relations within the office and perform many other work. You can also hire a writer at dissertation help service and write dissertations for students.


State machine

Of course, Mr. the service could not but enter our imaginary top. Despite the fact that today's youth does not focus on this direction, working "for the state" has a number of undeniable advantages. Stability, fixed wages, guaranteed holidays and state pensions are only a small part of them. Be that as it may, the big responsibility and regular "hands-on work" are now less frightening than the possibility of suddenly being without a job due to the bad mood of the boss - if they are laid off, then according to the law.

Not only traditional professions are in the top of the most demanded and highly paid specialists. Times are changing rapidly, and a good profession is one that comes in handy at the moment.

In the 21st century, the work of a specialist in the field of alternative energy, an urbanist, a psychoanalyst, or even a universal soldier may turn out to be no less important.

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